Amazon: Campus Interview Questions


We are pleased to share the interview experience which Amazon is asking in the college campus for entry level Software Developer

Salary Offered: It varies between 15 lakh to 18 lakh per annum. In some IITs, it is also offering more than 20 lakh.

Round 1:

Time 1:30 hours , 20 Multiple Choice Questions and 2 complex coding questions

Multiple choice questions- DS , DBMS , OS , Aptitude & C++, C Coding

  1. Find the maximum sum leaf to root path in a Binary tree
  2. Merge Overlapping Intervals

22 Students were shortlisted.

Round 2:

Group fly (One Common question asked  for all and those were give good answer they went for next round)

Train station timings are given. That is, at a station arrival and departure times of trains is given. Find minimum number of platforms to be constructed at that train station so that trains at similar interval range can be accommodated.


Train 1 Arrival:9:30am Depart: 10:30am

Train 2 Arrival:9:45am Depart: 10:10am

Train 3 Arrival:10:35am Depart: 11:30am

Train 4 Arrival:11:55am Depart: 12:10pm

Train 5 Arrival:11:50am Depart: 12:15pm

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Round 3: Technical round

  1. Find the determinant of matrix.
  2. Program for find whether a BT is BST or not.
  3. Search an element in a very large array , you don’t Know its size.
  4. Some questions from DBMS.

Round 4: Bar Raiser round

  1. Implement Page replacement Algorithm.
  2. Implement BFS and DFS.
  3. Shortest path with exactly K edges in a Directed and Weighted graph.

Round 5: Hiring Manager round

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. A lots of Discussion on the Project.
  3. Questions related to Networking and OS concepts.

Some More Tips:

  • In each round, after each question Complexity of the program was asked. So mainly focus on efficiency of program.
  • Exposure to latest technology and app development is an add on.
  • The above questions were asked in the engineering college. Amazon is also hiring for different divisions like support and BPO. We will publish other experiences soon.

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