Campus Interview Questions Asked in 2014-2015


We have compiled a list of interview questions asked in an Engineering college in Karnataka. Each row signifies the contribution by each student so you may find some duplicates. Some of the participating companies were

• Accenture
• Cognizant
• Mind Tree
• Tesco
Tayana Software

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Programming Questions asked in Campus Interview in an Engineering college in Karnataka:

– Searching techniques
– Pallindrome,
– Greatest Among 3 digits,
– Fibonacci Series,

Finding Duplicate And non Duplicate Elements b/w 2 Files, bubble Sort And Other Sorting Techniques…

– Reverse a string without using any array.
– count number of letters in your name
– number of vowels
– number of occurrence of same letter
– Program to find GCD of given no’s.
– Program to mask a given bit.
– Program to arrange no’sin ascending(descending) order

Tesco 2nd round based on programming they asked 3 questions out of 2 we have to write code online:

– Program to write largest of three no.’s
– Program to find common elements in two arrays & display them.
– C prog to count the number of ones in a given number
– Generation of fibonacci series
– Binary search
– Programs on arrays and pointers
– Find the largest among 3 integers.
– Logic for merge sort, binary search etc.
– Arrange the given array in ascending/descending order.

Though the questions are easy efficiency is important:

– Find string length
– Palindrome
– String reverse
– An anagram is word which is formed by rearranging the letters of another word. Ex: Cinema is an anagram of an icecream .Write the function to check if the given two words are anagrams.
– Merge two sorted linked list and return it as new list. The new list should be made by splicing together the nodes of the first two lists
– Given linked list, remove the nth node from the end of the list and return its head.
– Write function to calculate the angle between the hour and minute needle given the time.
– Given two array of same length find the sum and store it in another array.
– Write a Program or logic that accepts the money in the integer format and display in the English like statement.
– Illustrate declaration of abstract class and write a main method for it.
– Write a function that takes an array of numbers and returns the minimum number of swaps to convert it into ascending order. Ex: input: 9 2 8 4 output:2
– Fibonacci series
– Merge sort
– FIFO n queue programs
– Mindtree programming questions

To print Below pattern:





– To find if two numbers are consecutive numbers in gray code sequence

Written test:

– Find the maximum number from the given three numbers.


– Check whether two words are equal or not.

– DBMS : From a given employee table (he gave me a table). Find the max salary of employees belonging to a particular department. (Ex: dept no 2 )

– write a program to count the number of vowels and consonents of your full name (first middle last) ?

– write a program to generate fabonacci number?

– WAP to print first 10 numbers using pointers.

– program on Feb on accident series


1 2

1 2 3

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4 5

– WAP for above pattern

These questions were asked in Toshiba campus interview:

C questions:

1) what are the differences between static and global variables?

2) what is the difference if static variables are declared globally?

3)what is stack? WAP to create and perform certain operations on stack.

4)what are linked lists and their advantages

5)WAP to insert a node between any two nodes in a linked list

6)what do header files contain ?If they contain function declaration/ definition then why they are not in .C extension?

7) can you create files with .h extension?

8) Reversing a string using pointer …..

9)Square Sin wave using c program ….

10) Finding error and output of a given program if any …..

11) Reversing a string using pointer …..

12) Square Sin wave using c program ….

13) Finding error and output of a given program if any …..

14) Binary search algorithms.

15) Sql query to find out fifth highest salary in the employee database.

16) Bubble sort Program and Merge sort -ACCENTURE

– Infix, Prefix , Postfix Program -Y Media Labs

– Program to invert each word in a given sentence

– Program to find the length of the unsorted array in an array which is supposed to be sorted

– C program to continuously negate a particular bit of a byte (C program and assembly level of 8051)

– C program to count number of 1’s in binary form of a number.(without conversion.. Eg: 7 has 3 1’s..)

– C program to check whether number is prime or not

– C program that shows implementation of Storage classes of C

– Java : file operations programs, thread programs

– bubble sort merge sort n all the sorting algorithm; insert into a binary search tree;

– Write a c program to find prime numbers.

– To find palindrome

– write a c program to find prime numbers.

– To find palindrome

Most repeated C programs:

1. Generate prime numbers.

2. Generate Fibonacci series

3. Given an array sort it in ascending or descending

4. Reverse a given string without using inbuilt functions

5. Copy d string without using inbuilt functions

6. (Core companies ask) Given a waveform write a C program to generate that waveform

7. Sorting techniques (basic like bubble sort, quick sort..) and program for same.

8. Program to check if given string is palindrome.

9. Simple program using ‘structures’ in C.

10) write a c program to find prime numbers.

11) To find palindrome

– On working of linked list in data structure with example

– String concatenation using pointer,

– String reverse, Substring of a string,string copy,Fibonacci series

– Sort the given array of numbers in Ascending/Descending order using bubble sort technique.

– Determine whether the given number is prime or not.

– What is cross compiler?

– Difference between assembly and C.

– File handling.

– Implementation of stack n queue using singly linked list.

– String manipulations.

– Node deletions in linked list.

– Simple programs like factorial of a number, Fibonacci series using C/java/assembly languages.

– C program to match a user input with string using least lines of code.

– C program to copy alternate words of a file to another.

– Write a program to multiply two numbers without using ‘*’ operator with best efficiency and explain.

– Write a program to display text without using ‘;’ in the program

– Write a program which reads “My name is sudharani” without using input stream print the same sentence on the screen and replace letter ‘a’ with ‘j’.

– what is the difference between i++.++i and i+1 write example and explain?

– write SQL query on views,joins(left,right and inner) with your own example

Basic C programs are must..both using built-in functions and pointers: 

– searching n sorting algorithms(usage and optimization )

– In OOPS with C++ and Java , major questions on thread and implementations.

– Tracing the given code..and predict output

– solve puzzles by using coding capabilities.

– Finding key element!

– Convert the given binary number to decimal.

– Check if the given number is a palindrome

– Write a C Program to print “hello” word without using any semicolon

– Write a C Program to multiply two numbers without using any arithmetic operators

– Write a C prog to find the largest of the three numbers using conditional operators.

– Write a C prog to read a Sentence from the user and then read a word from the user and find the no of times it occurs in the sentence.

– Write a C prog to join two strings without using built in functions.

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