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(If it was CV/CGPA shortlist- Please write it here and then fill below)

CGPA short listing– more than 7.5

What it had? Aptitude/Technical

Written round had 50 questions consist of aptitude, microprocessor, software, electronics, networking.

Time limit – 1 hour

Aptitude- 20 questions

Softskills- 15 questions

Networking- 5-6 questions

Microprocessor- 4-5 questions

Electronics- 5 questions

What areas to focus on? :

Questions were really good. In aptitude puzzle based question were there and if didn’t read them then it will be difficult to solve. No easy question was there.

In software most of the ques were from data structures and algo, rest about basics of c, c++

Tronix- analog to digital converter

Microprocessor – basic ques were there, no need to go into depth.

I think more than 40 ques are enough to get in the next round.

Time constraints: 1 hr



This interview was of around 90 min. it started with simple puzzle i.e. defective ball identification from 10 samples.  Then he asked me to write some program in best and optimised way. These programs were easy array programs but he wanted the perfect solution not the naive approach. Then he asked me one program on bracket balancing with approach to reduce switch or if else. Couple of error and output ques were also asked. One ques was on hashing, proper implementation was required.  In whole interview 6-7 program were asked and they want exact answers. If you are good in programming than can do well in this round. Don’t think about just solving the problem but think to do in most efficient way with good time complexity and space complexity.


Managerial interview:

It was a telephonic interview lasted for 45 min. 5 were shortlisted for this round out of 17. Started with HR ques like tell me about yourself, what u do other than studies. Then he asked program to represent tree using singly linklist. Then 2 more program were asked. They will give you time to write the program and then explain logic. Then a lot of ques were asked from CV. Prepare well for the ques like why software, decreasing CGPA, why CISCO, why we should hire you.  Even they asked me why bad performance in 12th, in JEE exam. Be ready with good reasons.

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It was a simple telephonic interview. Even then they eliminated 1 candidate after this one. Ques like qualities required in leader, what you want to be in next 5 years, strengths and weakness, why CISCO etc. It lasted for 15 min.  Finally 2 were selected from our college and only 1 from B.Tech. so one can understand the competition.


For getting into core software companies you have to be good in programming. Prepare from geeksforgeeks. It is the best site for learning good programming skills. You should be good in data structures and algorithm because interviews revolve around this only. Practice more and more on likes of hackerrank and hackerearth because most of the coding round are conducted by these sites. Through these site you ‘ll learn how to optimize the program and deal with standard input and output. In some companies operating system and database management system, sql is also asked.

If you are good in apti then you will eventually land up in some fat paying company. Even company like Citicorp, fidelity don’t ask even a bit of software in interview. They will ask software in written but won’t consider. They check only communication skills.

Prepare well.

Good luck.

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