Citicorp Campus Placement Questions with Interview Experience


Citicorp Campus Placement Quetions with Interview Experience


11 L.P.A.


CGPA 6.5 and open for all IT Branch

Citicorp visited first time in my campus. They came for intern and full time Data analyst profile.

Round 1: Written Test (25 Questions and 2 case study)

First round was easy. there were 15 aptitude and logical based questions and 10 questions from Data Interpretation. Most of the questions asked from the India Bix. There were 2 case study and I did both of the case study. But In apti part I did 16 questions and I was not sure that I will be select for next round because paper was easy. When result was announced then I was selected for next round. I was so happy.

Time: 45 Minutes

Round 2: Technical Round

Firstly he asked tell me about yourself which is not mentioned in your resume. Then he asked some questions from my resume. After that he went on DBMS

and asked basic concepts of DBMS and 2-3 queries.

Time: 30 Minutes

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Round 3: Technical Round

  1. Time: 45 minutes
  2. Firstly he asked me if you have huge amount of data then how to analyse those data. I told some approaches but he was not satisfied then he gave me some hint. after that he was convinced from my answer.
  3. What is normalization and brief discussion on its forms 1NF,2NF ,3NF and BCNF.
  4. Then he asked take a one example and explain all normal forms.

Round 4: HR Round

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. She asked me about my project and said to me explain the architecture of your project on blackboard. We had lots of discussion on my project.
  3. Why we should hire you??


Prepare well DBMS because they are mainly focus on database and SQL. Except this good communication skill and logical thinking also they were noticed. For 1st round I want to suggest you indiabix mainly for Data interpretation.

All the best , prepare well . :)

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