How to Convert Your Internship into Pre Placement Offer?


When you will pass your final year and the time will come of stepping into the actual outside world, you will be bombarded with the competition. There will be thousands of others passing with you from various colleges. Searching a job after the completion of the final will be a hurricane task. It will be in your favor if from the first year itself you start molding yourself as per the job you want, make your mark in the college academics and till the end of third year itself you will have a PPO in your hand. Doesn’t it seem like the most perfect thing? Yes, it is and even you can be the one becoming a part of it by learning some basic DO’s and DON’T’s.

Know your real competition

When you enter the college, your classmates will not be your real competitors. Your real competition lies outside. These are those thousands of students who have take admission with you, in the other colleges. Some might be in the top institutes and some in the others. So from the starting only focus on competing with them. You might be the topper of your college but that doesn’t means you are at the top. Be in contact with your friends at other institutes, their course structure and all such things. In all keep your area widen, don’t restrict yourself to the four walls of your campus.

The above was a general point to be noted. Now coming specifically on getting a PPO, some quick and simple tips might help you in that.

The best way to get PPO is to convert your internship in one. In the initial years intern at different places, get to know the field which interests you and during the final years choose a company where you want your dream job and by hook or by crook get an internship there.

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Now the question arises, how to convert that internship into a PPO?

If you have got an internship at the organization you wanted, then half of the battle is fought. Now the tough half is still left- which is to convert that internship into a job offer. Internship is an excellent opportunity to showcase your caliber and convert it into a placement offer.

  • Do your research about the organization– This is the fundamental point to focus on. Read the professional journals and keep a check on all the changes and development taking place in your organization. You can also directly write to the company for the information. Read the business magazines and have a thorough knowledge about the organization.
  • Deliver more– if you exceed their expectations then you are bound to make an impression on them. Always put your heart and mind out in the assignment given to you. Don’t just stick to the boundaries and do what you are asked for. Take an extra step and give more than you are asked for. This will surely leave an indelible impression of yours.
  • Prove why you are better than the others– Your employer will surely be handful of the choices to pick from, so why should he select you for the job? Ask this question to yourself.
  • Be a professional and develop professional relationships– Professional relations will help you throughout your career. Communicate well with the co workers and keep your ears open to the offers.
  • Take initiative and be enthusiastic– Don’t just sit back and stick to the field assigned to you. Show your eagerness to work and learn more. Do work of all the other departments as well, on a regular basis and be keen to work.
  • Ask questions– Your employer might have a pile of work and while giving you an assignment he might forget to tell you some key points. So ask the whole background of the work you are assigned to. This helps you know, what exactly he wants you to do and it becomes easier for you to deliver good results. Employers also feel that the students who ask questions are dedicated towards learning more and this will help you to have a good impression of yours.
  • Make a good impression on your mentor– Choose someone as your mentor and take his advice in every matter. Choose someone who you see as your idol in that organization and make a good professional relation with him. This will act as the most helpful stepping stone in your success.

These points will surely help you in scoring those extra points over the other interns. In the end it is all about how to utilize each day of your internship in showcasing your capabilities. Combine your hard work with the extra work and you will hit the right chord.

So go ahead and make that summer internship into a full time job offer. Good luck.

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