Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) Campus Placement Process and Interview Questions


Johnson Controls Inc.

CGPA Cut Off:

  • 6 CGPA


  • Written Test
  • Technical and HR round
  • Stress Interview .

Round 1 ) Written Test :

  • 60 Minutes for 60 Questions ( 30 question Tech   and 30 Question Aptitude).
  • The written test was very easy. It had  basic aptitude and very basic technical question  (control system) questions. And (Sensors and transducer ).
  • Basically Focus on this topics:  some question was 1 marks each and some question were 2 marks each . There was no negative marking .
  • Questions was From these topics :
  1. Process Control
  2. Classical Control
  3. Flow and level Measurement.
  4. Sensors & Transducers

Round 2) Technical Interview and Hr Interview Round :

  • Total Time Around - 30 Min
  • In this Round with basic Technical question HR questions were  also asked .
  • Technical : The panel had one members The technical  interview was not very tough.
  1. First Question what is your area of interest In your area of interest they will ask basic question in your area of interest (eg -area of interest is flow meter : what are the different types of flow meter , Principle of all the flow meter should be known and their application and  some questions on their advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Second Question : Tell me about your project ,Fully define your project what was your role in your project.
  • HR question :  
  1. Why would you like to join Johnson control
  2. Tell me about Johnson control ?   answer this question properly
  3. Basically if your technical part is strong you will clear this round very easily.

Round  3 ) Stress Interview :

  • Total Time Around (45 min)
  • This Round is Very Important because they will check your stress level. There were 3 member  in the interview .
  • Question asked  were  :
  1. Tell me  about your project .  like my project was related to PLC and SCADA  they will ask question on that ,Like what are the Different type of PLC ,which type of industry they will be used ,What are their application be confident whatever you  answer  be confident about your answer they will try to confuse you on your answers .
  2. Second question was random : In This Room there is Fan can u tell why it is rotating clock wise . why it is not rotating anti  clock wise . just be confident about your answers .
  3. If your cgpa is low : why your cgpa is low have a proper answers for this part .
    Basically in this round you have to just keep confident about whatever you answers .

Some more feedback from the Joblagao Team :

  • As a fresher from the college, you would definitely enjoy working in Johnson control. There would be plenty of team
  • Communication Skill must be very good as you might need to interact with global clients as .
  • Definitely a good place to start your career if you get a chance. If you want to start your carrier in Core company .
  • They will send your for training to Foreign Country , so you will be lucky to visit a foreign country soon.

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About Johnson Controls :

  • Johnson Controls  is an American company globally offering products and services to optimize energy and operational efficiencies of buildings, automotive batteries, electronics and interior systems for automobiles.

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