Online Publishing – College Project Report Free Download


As a part of the semester exam, the students prefer to work in live project in an organization. This is a win-win situation for the company as well as the student. The company gets the work done by motivated individual who have a penchant to learn on the job. The company may or may not choose to give a stipend. At the same time, the student gets real time exposure to working in a corporate, and a chance to make some pocket money while working as an intern.

As an initiative from joblagao towards building an eco-system for students, we have launched Joblagao University , where the student can interact freely among themselves and download various interview Questions and project documentation

We are presenting here an online Publishing tool , which would convert various documents from one format to another. Using the service, you can easily convert

  • » PDF to XML
  • » HTML to XML
  • » Word to XML
  • » CSV to XML
  • » Excel to XML
  • » Data Conversion
  • » PDF Conversion
  • » HTML Conversion

The above services are relevant for an individual, as these days information are present in different formats which becomes difficult to manage and merge. You can download the entire project from here: Online_Publishing.pdf

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