PathPartner Placement Process, Questions and Interview Experience


Eligibility Criteria:

  • 10th: 70% & above
  • PUC-II/Diploma: 70% & above
  • Engineering: CGPA of 7.65 & above i.e.69% & above

Job Profiles:

  • Job1: Software Engineer- DSP ( This is for E&C, E&E, CSE)
  • Job2: Software Engineer-Systems (This is for CSE,ISE, E&C)

Salary Offered:

  • An annual gross salary of Rs. 3,50,000/- per annum

There are 4 Rounds:

  1. Written Test(Objective type)
  2. Written Test(Subjective type)
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Round

Round 1) Written Test(Objective)

Round type: Objective

No of Questions: 60

Duration: 90 minutes

  • The round was divided into 5 sub-sections. Questions in each section carried different marks and there was negative marking for each sub-section.
  • 10 questions on Aptitude covering ratio and proportions, time and distance, etc.
  • 50 questions covering Fundamentals on C, Data structures on C, ADA, Operating Systems, FLAT, Computer Organization, Software Engineering, etc. Majority of the questions were on C.

Round 2) Written Test (Subjective)

  • Round type: Subjective
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • No of Questions: 5 C programs each carrying 5 marks.
  • Please Note: No filtration in this round i.e., everyone who attended this round also attended technical round.

Round 2 questions were:

  1. Write a function to swap the adjacent characters of a string.
    Ex: “hello world” becomes “ehll oowlrd”
    void StringSwap(char *str);
  2. Predict the o/p of a recursive function.
    void fib(int m)
    static int n=0;
    if(m==0) return;
    printf(“%d %d\n”,m,n);
    Write a function (recursive only) to find the largest element in an array of N numbers.
    int FindMax(int *array,int N);
  3. Write a function to insert an element in a singly list so that the elements are in descending order only.
  4. An integer array contains 1 to N unique natural numbers in any order. One of the element in the array is randomly choosen and overwritten by 0(zero) and it is sent as parameter to detectNum( ).

Write a function to detect the number which was replaced by 0(zero). The function declaration is as follows:
void detectNum(int *array,int N);

Round 3) Technical Round

  • We were asked to explain and rectify the codes written in 2nd round (subjective).
  • We were asked to solve some of the left out objectives of round 1.
  • Brief introduction of previous semester(5th and 6th) projects.
  • Write a macro to cube a number, square a number
  • C:
    • What are static, volatile and variable data types. Their scope and lifetime
    • Focus on the concept of Recursion.
  • ADA:
    • Define binary tree, leaf node, depth of a binary tree, breadth first tree, depth first tree, etc.
    • Write a pseudo code to find the depth of a binary tree.
  • OS:
    • Briefly explain virtual memory management, multithreaded programming
    • Define semaphores, critical condition, mutex, monitors, schedulers, etc
    • What are threads?
  • Data structures:
    • Write a function to delete an element x from a singly linked list.
    • Write a function to insert an element x at a given position in a singly linked list.
  • C++:
    • Write a program to demonstrate virtual constructor.
    • Write a program to explain inheritance.
  • Few Puzzles were asked:
    • There are 8 boxes. Each box contains 10 balls and each ball weighs 10 gm. One box is randomly picked and all the balls in it are replaced with 10 new balls where each of the balls weigh 9 gm.
      1. Question 1: Using a comparative weighing machine, find out the box whose balls were changed in only 2 iterations.
      2. Question 2: Using a digital weighing machine, find out the box whose balls were changed in only 1 iteration.

Round 4) HR Round

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Why Path Partner? (Be prepared for this question. This is the most time consuming and difficult question to answer)
  • What are your strengths? (Minimum of 3)
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What made you to choose Engineering and that too Computer Science stream?
  • If you are selected for the company, for how long do you wish to work?
  • Questions on some situations were asked
    • If you are offered same salary package, same job post and facilities by some MNC and the Path Partner, for which company will you choose to work and why?
    • If your colleague claimed your work without informing you about this. How will you react to this situation? Will you inform the management regarding the issue? If “YES” why and if “NO” why?
    • Any questions for HR? (Please ask atleast 1 question)

Some technical questions were asked in HR round:

      • C++:
        • Write a program to demonstrate copy constructor.
        • Explain virtual constructor, virtual destructor, NULL pointer
        • Program on pointers.
        • Programs on file, static variable
      • Android:
        • Define intent, activity, intent-filter, broadcast receiver, bundle, etc


      • Be confident and have a smile on your face.
      • Never lie.
      • Be frank to say I don’t know if you don’t know the answer.
      • Be strong in your basics.
      • Focus on some important concepts like Recursion, Linked Lists, Trees, Threading, Virtual memory management, etc.
      • Try to give an optimal solution for a given problem.
      • Do some research on the company, their area of expertise, domain, technologies, etc.


    • “Data Structures using C” by A. M. Padma Reddy
    • “Pointers in C” by Yashwant Kanetkar
    • “Test your C Skills” by Yashwant Kanetkar.
    • “Quantitative Aptitude” by R.S Aggarwal, Vikas Programme notes.
    • All the course text books.

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