Paytm (one 97) Walkin Drive Interview & Questions 2015


I got the chance through paytm walk-in drive. I went there and attended the drive in Noida Office of One97 Communications Limited.


10 Lakhs Per Annum

Criteria: – CS ,IT ,MCA, M.Tech

Round 1: Online Test

This was online test. It contained 20 objective questions and 2 coding questions.Objective questions were from C,C++, Data structures and Networking. Coding questions were from string and array.

  1. Given a matrix where each row is sorted in increasing order.You have to find element which is common in each row. If that element exist then return the element otherwise return -1.





{2,3,8,10 }}

Answer – 8

  1. Given are two string you have to find starting occurence of second string which is exist in first string.(indexing start from 0)


1 string – This is paytm interview.

2 string – Paytm

Answer – 8th one

3. In a Binary Tree not necessarily BST,Remove all nodes which don’t lie in any path with sum>= k.

5 : Given an array of numbers now you have to arrange it in the form of a single number such that the concluded number is always the maximum.
Lets say you are given: 939,81,736,45,66,9,733,5,42
Output: 99987766654333321

Round 2: Technical

This round was tough for me because he asked algorithms and I got confused in 1-2 questions.

1. Firstly he asked knapsack problem and how to implement this.

2. Than You are given a matrix and find the path from start to end point, if it exist otherwise return -1.

Eg. Matrix [4][4]={{1,0,0,1},





Answer:- solution[4][4]={{1,0,0,0},




  1. How to reverse a linked list using recursive methods and what is the time and space complexity of this.

Round 3: Technical

  1. He asked OS concepts like multithreading , scheduling.
  2. Types of scheduling and what is round robin scheduling.
  3. Some basic questions from DBMS and networking.
  4. Brief discussion on project.

Round 4: HR round

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. She asked my strength and weakness.
  3. Some questions form my B.Tech final year project.
  4. Persons who were giving interview with me were experienced also, from them HR also asked about What is your Experience and give a brief about it .

Address and Map to Reach Paytm(one97) office : Click here for MAP

Address: One97 Communications Limited, B-121, Sector 5, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Phone:0120 477 0770


Interviewer was impressed from me because I wrote code for matrix question and knapsack you have to mainly focus on coding and tell atleast your logic if you do not proper approach hw is give some hints.

Prepare for Data structures and algorithms very well and basic concepts of  DBMS, OS and Network.


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