PayU Campus Placement and Interview Experience 2015


Payu Campus Placement and Interview Experience 2015


8.5 LPA

Eligibility,IT) , MCA ,,IT)

Round 1: Online Test

There were 15 MCQ questions and 5 coding questions. MCQ questions aksed from DS,DBMS,C++ and OS. Coding questions were  mostly based on algorithms and writing the pseudo code etc.

Round 2: Technical

This round was good for me because interviewer asked all the questions from DS.I  prepared  DS and Algorithms very well so I  cleared this round easily.

  1. He asked Detect the loop in linked list.I told answer to him then he said that how many approaches you can use for detect the loop. I told 2-3 appraoaches and explained.
  2. Explain difference between AVL tree and RED BLACK tree.
  3. Find the LCA in binary tree with complete code.
  4. What is sorting.which sorting is best and which sorting algorithms require minimum numbers of swap and memory writes etc.

Round 3: Technical

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. He asked about the project.
  3. What is KMP algorithm explain with the code.
  4. Then he asked internal working process of Notepad.

Round 4: HR round

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why Pay U and strengths ,weaknesses etc.
  3. Some general questions related to coding and ccompiler etc.


Prepare for Data structures and algorithms very well and basic concepts of  DBMS, OS and Network. Mainly focus on coding because they want hire good coders.

About Company :

PayU’ has become synonyms with TRUST. It has become a name on which India’s leading online businesses bank upon when it comes to choosing an online payment gateway. It’s due to such overwhelming acceptance received from the Indian E-commerce industry, that PayU has become the No.1 player in the e-commerce category and No.3 player in the overall online payments industry. PayU is proud to have more than 2000 merchants on board in just a short span of 16 months. This is primarily due its patent pending technology solutions and amazing customer service.


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