PepsiCo Inc. Interview Questions and Experience


Who are Eligible

CGPA/Percentage: All can Apply


  1. Resume short listing
  2. Written Test
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Technical Interview
  5. HR round.

Round 1: Resume Shortlisting

  • Resume Short listing was there on the basis of Projects and CGPA.
  • If you have one technical project and one management project then chance of getting shortlisted gets increased, Since PepsiCo prefers skilled candidates.

Round 2: Written Test

  • Psychometric Test
  • Essay Based Questions
    1. Written Test include psychometric Test, so practicewell, there are number of sites which will give you idea about the Psychometric test.
    2. Three essay based questions werethe questions were related about you and company.

Round 3: Group Discussion (10 min)

  • Group Discussion Round will be the most important round in PepsiCo. Whatever the topic given in GD you have to be confident about whatever you are speaking and should be related to the topic given.

Round 4: Technical Interview

  • Technical interview round in this round basic technical question were asked related to your department (e.g. : Question about AC and DC Motor, If You are from Electrical Department ) and little bit about Your project.

Round 5: HR Round

  • This is Final round of interview HR question like why wouldyou like to join PepsiCo? And why we should hire You?As You know PepsiCo is (techno management) company so they want people who can contribute in both tech plus management so prepare this question well . And please visit the Company website before, it will give you idea about why you should join company .

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Tips for Fresher:

  • You Should have good management projects.
  • Develop good Communication skills for group discussion there are so many group discussion videos are available on the internet please visit that.
  • Please Visit PepsiCo site before the interview and see what are their products and get the knowledge of the best question why they should hire You.
  • Answer the Essay Based Questions properly because you have to take the printout of it in interview. And interviewer will ask cross question in the HR round so be prepared .

“All The Best to Candidates who are going to appear for PepsiCo Inc. Campus Placement 2015-16”

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