SAP Labs Campus Interview Questions


Eligible Departments: All B.Tech branches and M.Tech CSE. For MCA and M.Sc.

CGPA Cut-Off: 6+, No backlogs.

Compensation: 8.25 LPA


  • Online Test
  • 3 Technical Round
  • 1 Management Round
  • 1 HR Round

Location of Posting: Bangalore


Total time given was 1 hr and 30 minutes. There was no negative marking. It consisted of 5 sections:

In which first 10 min was given for the psychometric test . after that there was a

First section: Aptitude (1 marks each)

Question were from time and work like ( eg : A and B can together complete a piece of work in 4 days. If A alone can complete the same work in 12 days, in how many days can B alone complete that work ?)

Questions based on directions : (eg: if one moves 5 km in north direction then moves 4 km in left direction and so on then what is the total distance that he takes and what is his direction now ? )

Second Section: Logical reasoning

Most of the questions were on blood relations and were not that easy for me.

Third Section: Verbal

  • An essay of not more than 300 words had to be written and it carried 10 marks.
  • Identify error in sentence.
  • Jumbled sentences.
  • Synonyms.

Fourth Section: Technical

  • Find the error In given code.
  • Very basic and simple questions from c and dbms .

Fifth section: Coding

  • Coding section : program was given to write and it carried 20 marks.

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • He started by asking to introduce myself. He went through my resume and asked how much will I rate myself in C and C++ in a scale of 10
  • What is a class and object in C++.Explain by taking an example.
  • What is static and use of it? Give a real life example where you would use it?
  • What are public, private called in C++ , What is the use of them? For whom would it be useful users or developers?
  • What is difference between authorization and authentication?
  • He asked about some Java Questions and UI framework
  • He asked about ABAP and Netweaver ( I had googled for these terminologies, so I was able to answer few things). The interviewer was quite impressed at this.

Round 3: Technical.

He started with a puzzle:

  • There are 10 balls out of which one ball is heavier and all other balls are of equal weight , how many min measurements are required to find the heavier one?
  • Again a puzzle on weights, There are 25 machines producing 1 kg weights , suddenly a machine corrupted and started producing weights measuring 999 grams, Find the machine with a single measurement?

Round 4: Managerial.

The interviewer introduced himself and congratulated me for clearing two rounds. Asked me to introduce myself, then my qualities. Asked about my projects and other things apart from academics. He asked whether I have any offers.

  • What I know about SAP, why SAP?
  • He asked puzzle In this round also
  • He asked me about my knowledge in e-commerce, which I explained very clearly from a user point of view. He talked about few things about backend fulfilment system, which I was not aware of. He said, No worries… SAP would train me.

Round 5: HR.

The interviewer introduced himself. He was about 35 and asked me to introduce myself, and explain me about my projects, after that he asked whether I have ever worked within a team. I explained about the work which I did for my college festivals.

What are my interest areas? He asked me to explain. Asked whether I have any other offers, I said yes then why I would prefer SAP. I explained him, he asked me about my family, will I able to move to Bangalore? He did not say I was selected but from his words I got that.

Finally he said we have an offer to you, and explained all benefits, pay and all.

Some more feedback from the Joblagao Team:

  • As a fresher from the college, you would definitely enjoy working in SAP labs. There would be plenty of team outings at high end places
  • The attrition rate is very low over there. Once you work in SAP, you might wanna stick there as it has a good work-life balance
  • They will send your for training to Singapore or Germany, so you will be lucky to visit a foreign country soon.
  • If they give you internship, make sure that you work really hard otherwise, you will not get confirmed at the end of six months
  • Communication Skill must be very good as you might need to interact with global clients as well as dev team members who might be in a different Geography.
  • Definitely a good place to start your career if you get a chance.

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