Shri Ram Fibres (SRF) Campus placement Questions & Interview Experience



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  1. Online Test
  2. Written Test(Offline )
  3. Technical  Interview
  4. Hr Round.

Round 1) Online Test (1hr)

  • Test Consists of 30 questions 15 aptitude Question And 15 Technical Questions .
  • Aptitude Questions were Easy
  • Good Level Technical Questions were there from Flow, Level, Temperature  and pressure were asked.

Round 2) Offline Written Round (1hr)

  • In This round only aptitude Questions were there but number  of questions was 200 so you have to be very fast at solving questions .
  • Questions Were Related to (missing numbers, find the overlapping image , find the number for square in the given image)

Round 3) Technical Interview Round

  • Very important Round in SRF You should be very good at Technical level to clear this round. Mostly they will ask questions from your area of interest .  So prepare well at which subject you are good and confident about .
  • If you have some good technical project related to your stream then it is an advantage because you can explain them that whatever you have learn technically you have implemented that practically this will show good impression towards your technical skills.
  • Like for me i am from Electronics And Instrumentation background so they asked related to process control , measurement system , sensors and transducer .

Round 4) HR round

  • Simple Hr question were asked like what are your strength and weakness. What are the most challenging things you have faced in your college life. So prepared this question very well .
  • One questions was asked in hr was like if you are in plant the sudden emergency message came that one part of the plant has to be shut down and your manager is not there then what you will do ( The best answer will be i will not panic and firstly i will try to call my manager first and try to ask him can i shut down the plant if he is not picking up the call then i will take the responsibility and  try to look at the issue and  shut down the plant if plant shut down is not possible then i will try to take out all the works out firstly then try to close whole plant .


  • Most important tips for technical company prepare one area of interest  like if you are from instrumentation background then at which subject you are good and try to take your interviewer towards  your area of interest.
  • When interviewer say to  introduce  yourself at last mentions your area on interest Then surely next question will be related to your topic only and you  can easily clear the technical round .
  • You should have good technical project Related to your field.
  • Prepare the technical subjects thoroughly .
  • You should have good mathematical skills in aptitude section questions will be easy but  you have to be very fast because time will be less.

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