Sonata Software Campus Placement and Interview Experience


Sonata Software Campus Placement

CGAP Cut Off:

60% Over all


CTC of 4.00Lpa at the time of joining. After that around 8.32Lpa upon confirmation and based on their performance appraisals on completing 12 months of service.




    1. Company Presentation
    2. Online Written Test
    3. Technical Interview
    4. HR round

Round 1) Online Written Test

      • The written test was conducted by
      • The Written Test Consist of Four Sections
      • English Section , Aptitude Section , Reasoning, Technical Section

English Section: 25 Min ( 25 Questions)

      • English Section Consist Of Vocabulary, Synonyms , Antonyms.
      • Inferential and Literal Comprehension, Contextual Vocabulary,Comprehension ordering

Aptitude Section:  35 Min ( 35 Questions )

      • Aptitude Section Consist of Applied Mathematics.
      • Profit and Loss.
      • Simple and Compound Interest.
      • Time, Speed and Distance.
      • Engineering Mathematics.

Reasoning Section:  35 Min ( 25 Questions)

      • Reasoning Section Consist Of Directional sense, Blood relations.
      • Objective Reasoning.
      • Selection decision tables.

Technical Section: 25 min ( 25 Questions )

      • Technical Part Consist of Basic Programming ,Data Types.
      • Iteration, Recursion, Decision.
      • Procedure, functions and scope, Data Structures ,Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs.
        Stacks, Queues ,Hash Tables.

Most Important Point Each Section Has Cut Off  So Try To Clear.

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Round 2) Technical Interview

      • He started by asking to introduce myself.
      • As I was From non Technical background so asked me do you have knowledge of software
      • So I told him I have good knowledge to C, C++ , and I also Know the basic Algorithm in data structure
      • What is a class and object in C++. Explain by taking an example.
      • What are the basics concepts of OOP?
      • What is the use of volatile keyword in c++? Give an example.
      • What do you mean by C++ access specifiers
      • Then He asked me some of the general knowledge questions .

Basically If you are from non technical background then  if you have the knowledge of c,c++ then your chances of getting Selected get increased . Because they Mentioned In the Company presentation that they want the people who want to learn.

Round 3) HR Round:

      • In Hr round also he asked me to introduce yourself?
      • Why we should hire you?
      • What are your future  dream?
      • Why do you want to join Sonata Software ?

About Sonata Software:

Sonata Software Limited is an IT consulting and software services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Sonata serves software product companies, and enterprises in the travel, manufacturing, retail and distribution verticals. Its service lines include business intelligence and analytics, application development management (ADM), mobility, cloud, social media, testing, enterprise services (ERP and CRM), and infrastructure management services.

Company Website:

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Jyoti Dhamainia answered| Oct 7, 2015

The written test will be conducted by AMCAT.

For Technical Cadidates they asked about the new technologies such as Big data, Cloud, and Mango DB.

  • Basic C and c++ questions.
  • Linked list , tree's basic questions from Data Structures.