Zoho Campus Placement Process and off-campus Interview Experience 2015


I applied on zoho through employee referral and I got the mail after one month for interview.

Round-1 (Multiple choice questions, Time: 1 Hour)

There were 15 questions based on c and aptitude. In c mostly questions from pointer and string. In aptitude basic question related to time and work, probability, P&C etc. all questions were multiple choice and there were negative marking. I solved 10-11 questions and I got selected for next round.

Round-2 (Coding Round, Time: 3 Hours)

There were 5 questions.

  1. Find the substring from the given string without using any standard library functions.
  1. Print the Star (*) in given format






  1. Given the range of the number from 1-100.we have to print the range of number which are not available in given array.

{ 3,8,54,76,91}








  1. you have to remove unbalanced parentheses in a given expression.

example -: (a(bc)))

answer-: (a(bc))

  1. Implement the printf() function.

I solved 4 questions and I selected for next round. In this round they were mainly focus on how to approach for given problem. If our logic will be correct then they will consider the question.

Round-3 (Advanced Coding, Time: 3 Hours)

Here they asked us to create Taxi booking system and give us to modules.

  1. Booking
  2. Display all available taxis.
  3. Display the Taxi details.

Round-4 (Technical Round, Time: 30 Minutes)

Firstly he asked about oops concepts with real time examples. Then some data structures questions and 1 puzzle.

Round-5 (HR Round, Time: 30 Minutes)

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Some general questions form my resume.
  3. Brief discussion on my project like what was challenging in project and why choose this topic etc.


They are mainly focus on coding skill and logics. so you have to prepare for hard coding.

More About Zoho: https://www.zoho.com

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