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Not heard of this company INSZOOM? Do you think it is something related to a T.V. Channel or the ZOOM car rental? No this is not the case . It has immigration compliance automation tool.This company pays well in the Bangalore region Whenever a company comes to your campus for placement, you should do a bit of research about the company, it’s product and services. As soon as you come to know that the company is coming to your campus, you may not be having enough time to look for all the information. We are giving you a consolidated information about the company and it’s services.

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  • Founded in the year 1999 and headquartered in San Ramon,USA.
  • Umesh Vaidyamath is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of INSZoom.
  • INSZoom is the world’s largest immigration software company.
  • INSZoom provides immigration software, case management solutions ,1-9 compliance (which helps mange global mobility workforce) to global law firms, non-profit organization, corporations, universities and healthcare organizations.


Immigration case management solutions for global law firms, corporations, universities and health care centers.

  • 1-9 compliance for corporate.
  • Web Design/Content management for global law firms.
  • For more updated details log on to http://www.inszoom.com/

Eligibility Criteria:

This year INS ZOOM was given was given 4th slot for placement in an Engineering college in Yelahanka, Bangalore

Eligibility criteria: CGPA 8.5 CGPA and above

“Salary Offered: Rs.4,74,000 /- per annum”

Hiring Process

  • Corporate Presentation by the HR
  • Written Test
  • Analytical Round
  • Technical round
  • HR Discussion


Test Pattern: 2 hours consisting of 3 papers.

  • Aptitude paper of 45 minutes multiple choice questions ,questions were asked from analytical, arithmetic reasoning(profit loss, upstream downstream, percentage, Relative speed etc.,),data interpretation, data sufficiency, alphabetic and number series(more weightage was given to this).
  • Technical paper of 45 minutes multiple choice questions consisting of ASP.net ,Html, VB.net and microsoft server questions, basic DB questions and one code snippet to be analyzed( bubble sort code was given ).
    • A database state was given and asked to predict the primary and foreign keys
    • Which function is used in vb.net to check if a variable is integer or not
    • Which property is used to set the background color of a page
  • English paper of 30 minutes multiple choice questions from topics like synonyms, antonyms, reading passages, filing the blanks with most appropriate words, correcting grammatical mistakes in sentences.
  • There were questions on the meanings of proverbs also.
  • Few Reasoning Questions on GRE Barron’s format

Analytical Round:

Test Pattern: 2 hours consisting of 3 papers. In this round puzzles were asked few of which are listed below.

1. There are 12 match sticks arranged such that they form 4 equal squares as shown below:


Without adding , removing or breaking the match sticks form six equal geometrical shapes.



  • In a room of height , width and length of 50 ft, there are two ropes hanging each of 50 feet, You are not provided with any cutting tools. What is the maximum length of rope you can take when you can enter the room only once?
  • There are two containers one can hold at the max.7 liters of liquid and other 3 liters how can we obtain 4 liters of water using these two containers

Technical Round

  1. Rate yourself in a range of 1 -10 for technical knowledge in ASP.net or VB.net
  2. Questions on projects, reasons for choosing the particular platform and computer language used in developing projects.
  3. A scenario will be given and you need to tell how you would handle it for eg:
    • Consider you are put up in a project . You are very new to the domain and platform used. You do not have any helping hands, the project manager allotted to you is very strict about the dead lines . You will be given a dead line and you need to submit it before that at any cost .How would you handle it?
    • To develop applications for mobile devices which platform to choose when users are using different mobile OS’s.

HR Round:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Tell me something about yourself apart from academics
  3. What makes you different from others and you need to justify it
  4. Questions regarding your resume and co curricular activities.
  5. Why do you want to apply in INS ZOOM?
  6. Give brief description of projects handled in previous semesters.


  • Be confident and good communication skills are essential during the interviews.
  • They check your thought process so its ok if we you are not familiar with .NET languages just know the basics.
  • Be good at puzzle solving.

Once, you are given the offer, you will be asked to report to their Bangalore office address as given below:

Address: INSZoom Technology & Services (India) Private Limited Brigade Tech Park, No.134/1, Block-B, 8th Floor, Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560 066 Phone: +91-80-66969709

Directions: This is located near the IT hub, near to ITPL. You can take an auto or cab. If you are taking the bus, then bus no. 335E and 333E series will drop you there. This has good connectivity from the city center (Majestic). If you are coming from Electronic city, you can take bus no. 500 series from the silk board and get down at ITPL. It is at a walkable distance from ITPL. Brigade Tech Park is the next tech park to ITPL.

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