Karnataka Bandh on 18th April 2015


Karnataka Bandh was announced from dawn to dusk (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the 18th of April).Though the Government is not supporting the Bandh the Pro Karnataka organizations have extended their support. The IT companies closed their offices between  6.00 am to 6.00pm to avoid any kind of disruption. The project managers having critical deliverables were expected to schedule their resources in such a way that,  in the event any untoward incidents the business impact should be minimal. Most of the startup operating from residential areas was not impacted. The bigger IT took the necessary precaution otherwise they the bandh supporters may damage the property. The schools are already closed.

All their critical functions like cafeteria and pantry services were operational through the day. The following precautionary action was taken IT companies

>>The transportation team managed to club routes, no major concerns reported

>>Email communication sent to all associates who are scheduled to work on 18th April, informing them of early login

>>Notice will be put up informing that office will remain closed tomorrow, so associates should not group in

>>Sufficient security arrangement has been made to ensure associate safety

>>Please note that we are keeping our offices open only for business critical project Associates who are able to report to office.

>>No major delays expected for logins except for couple of routes. In case of delays, critical associates of respective projects could be arranged to stay back until they arrive

>>Projects to hold on to critical resources till 11:00 PM tonight so that they could support operations in case of delays in 6:00 AM pick-up

>>While we expect bus and cab services being impacted, for Associates in 24/7 operations, critical projects have been requested to trigger the BCP and share the requirement to BCP helpdesk /Admin team for specific support.

>>Associates planning to come in to office tomorrow for critical deliverables from 6.00am to 6.00pm are requested to use their discretion to commute to office.

>>Please refer to further communication on cafeteria services and special arrangements made at our offices from the Admin team. Please reach out to the following team in case of any support required. Request you to follow media updates and mailers from the Support Function teams.

Traffic was very less in the morning but some people ventured out as the day progressed. See the image below.


As a precaution the following steps were taken by

–In case of any disruption the associates who were extending their shifts could use the dormitory facilities available in HP campus in Electronic city.

–There was fuel shortage issue at Bangalore as the vehicle was filling up a day earlier. The cabs were also asked to fill a day before

–For Associates at Manyatha Business Park , the MBP Gate 1 (Philips entrance) was  from 6 AM to 6 PM. Associates were allowed to use Gate 2 or Gate 3 (rear entrance) to enter MBP.


Overall, the bandh was peaceful. In the morning, the city wore a deserted look. The BMTC buses were not plying. Some of the private bus operators were ferrying passengers at higher rate. Autos were off the roads. Some were there but charging a higher rate. In the evening, the life turned to normalcy. Most of the malls were open and the people went out to relax.

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