Shell Is Going To Hire 1000 Employees In Bangalore


Some good news on hiring again!! Shell is going to build an IT center in Bangalore. It’s certainly a good brand and the job seeker will be really excited to join this. They have informed the press that they will be hiring around 1000 people.


The new center will be operational in the Devanahalli area, which is closer to the new airport. The job seekers are delighted to find an opportunity in North Bangalore. Many people travel from the Hebbal area to ITPL and Electronic. If they have an opportunity in North Bangalore, they will be saving their travel time and be more productive at work. Other companies are also planning to move their base to North Bangalore. The Government has already allocated land for Software as well as Hardware Tech Park.

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Skilled Workforce

India has the expertise in teaching Petroleum Technology. Most of the B.Tech colleges have this in their curriculum. There are some dedicated colleges for this. For example, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology (RGIPT), Rae Bareli has dedicated courses in this field. There are some polytechnic colleges in Barauni, Bihar which train the students on the subject matter. The opening in Shell would be for IT but they may also be hiring some Subject Matter Expert.

Shell employs around 800-900 people in Bangalore, who are from various domains. Some are petroleum Engineers, while others have deep skill in Analytics. They hire people from foreign universities too. They have employed IT professionals as well as Data Scientists. Now they plan to hire around 1000 more Employees. It will be easy for Shell to find Quality resources. For example, IBM is implementing SAP solution of British Petroleum. As they are working in Mantaya Tech Park, so it will be convenient for them to switch job and move to the new facility of Shell. There are other companies too which work on projects for Petroleum companies. For instance,  Intellifour Software Pvt Ltd Bangalore work on ICV Project for a Petroleum Company.

To Summarize, it’s a win-win situation for Shell as well as the Job Seekers in Bangalore.

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