10 Corporate Lesson You Can Learn From Salman Khan’s Movies



1. Maine Pyar Kiya


Ek Ladka Aur Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahi Hote

(A boy and a girl cannot be Just Friends)

In the corporate world, A manager and an intern cannot be just friends ;-)

You know what I am talking about !! Be careful if your manager is giving you extra favor in the team

2. Andaaz Apna Apna


Appraisal Discussion (Resource gets a bad rating)

Resource to Manager

Mein toh kehta hu aap purush hi nahi hai... maha purush hain maha purush!

(I am saying that you are NOT a Man..errrrr.. You are a Superman)

Manager to the Resource

Chit tu haara...pat main jeeta..

(Head you loose, Tail I win).

Discussion Over...

3. Judwaa


Hindustan ki pavitra dharti par paida hokar ... gadhe ki tarah mehnat karke, kutte ki tarah jeena chhodkar ... chori chakari kar raha hai?

(Being born on the holy land of India ... after working hard like a donkey, and leaving the life of a dog ... instead you are stealing?)

Meanwhile, a frustrated Engineer talks to himself

Hindustan ki pavitra dharti par pehda hokar ... Achche college se Engineering karke, Engineers ki tarah jeena chhodkar ... IT field mein naukri kar raha hai?

4. Bandhan


Jo Jijaji Kahenege main wahi karunga

(I will do whatever my brother-in-law asks me to do)

Treat your Jijajee as your client and Bandhan as a contract. Now Listen to your client.. Blindly. Obey their orders

5. Tere Naam


Pehle usne ras kaha, phir gul kaha, phir le kaha ... is tarah zaalim ne rasgulle ke tukde tukde kar diye

(First he said ras, then he said gul, then he said le ... that way the ruthless broke the rasgulle (sweet) into pieces)

Pehle usne UX Design Karaya, phir UI Banwaya, phir Backend code Likhwaya ... Fir baad mein zaalim ne saara credit apne naam le liya

So, Protect your code and patent otherwise you will get mad as above if someone takes credit for your work. The resource in India works day and night for writing a complex piece of code and finally the team in the US takes credit for that. This is how they feel when they bang their head on the wall.

6. Dabangg


Manager to Resource

Hum tumhe itna kaam de denge tum confuse ho jaaoge ki code copy kahan se Karein aur paste kahan karein

Resource to Manager

Coding se dar nahi lagta Saahab, Appraisal se lagta hai

7. Wanted


Ek baar jo maine commitment Kar Di, fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta

(Once I make a commitment, then I do not listen even to myself)

Make the project Plan and timelines, then stick to it. This policy must be followed by all the project managers. This should be included in PMP certification.

8. Bodyguard


Mujhpe ek ehsaan karna .. ki mujhpe koi ehsaan mat karna

(Please do one favour for me, that do not give any favor to me)

This is how exactly you feel when you refer someone in your company and the HR department says that "The candidate was referred by someone else. You will not be eligible for the "referral bonus" . You really get pissed off and would like to throw this dialogue to your HR.

9. Ek tha Tiger (There was a tiger)


Ek Tha Tester

This is what happens when your QA does not test the code properly and disappears to an unknown destination like Cuba. You will end up fixing the bugs after the code is released. So, please strengthen your QA process before your tester becomes a past tense (Ek THA ..) and you get tensed.

10. Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Hum Bajarangbali Ke Bhakt Hain, Mar Jaaenge Lekin Jooth Nahi Bolenge.

In the meanwhile, an iOS Developer swears:

Hum Steve Jobs ke bhakt hain. Mar Jaayenge, Lekin Android app nahi banayenge

(I am a fan of Steve Jobs, I won't develop android app at any cost)

Anyways, Chill and Selfie le le re(Bhaiya Jee Eesmile !!! )

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Saash answered| Jul 17, 2015

and what after reachiing our bhaijaan ? he will invite and give all 300 crores, a flat and porche car plus unlimited foreigh tour... and a contract to do unlikited movies.... 

seriously ?/? lmao

Saash answered| Jul 17, 2015

and what after reachiing our bhaijaan ? he will invite and give all 300 crores, a flat and porche car plus unlimited foreigh tour... and a contract to do unlikited movies.... 


seriously ?/? lmao

Awiral Kumar answered| Jul 17, 2015

#BBthisEid #BajrangiBhaijaan


Share it guys , till it reaches our #bhaijaan.

Nida answered| Jul 16, 2015

Gud one for this IT really works out for them

Satyam Sinha answered| Jul 16, 2015

Connects between Bollywood and the IT crowd.. Funny