IT folks fight back power blackout in India


You must have seen the news headline that as many as 19 Indian states are fighting the worst power crisis ever. There could be several political statements doing the rounds of media. We present you some of the spoofs by IT professionals  :

Electrical Engineer,  Jugaad Singh  joined Bata Consultancy Services SELECT BCS) from the campus. Although, he was not keen in joining a software company, but he had no other option. BCS came to his campus and offered him a competitive package. Now he working on an important client deliverable SELECT copying  rows from word doc to excel  ). Suddenly he is faced by a major power crisis in India. But he has to work as he had joined the company last year and he was officially on probation. This is the month of confirmation.  For the first time in his life, he is going to use his electrical engineering brain. See the picture below:

 He is using pencil batteries to charge the spare laptop cell!! : 

 See the close up SELECT Do this at your own risk !!! : 

After supporting US client for the whole night, he feels a hunger pang. It’s time for breakfast but how would he use the toaster  This is how he uses it: 

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