Lake Frozen in Delhi NCR area, temperature falls below zero


REQUEST YOU TO LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE:  Delhi,8th January 2013, The whole of north India is gripping under cold wave and dense fog.

This morning, the temperature reached sub zero temperature in few cities in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. An employee from an IT company went to a resort near Gurgaon. Note: The employee had filed for SICK LEAVE so his face is hidden on request ;-) As soon as the sick leaves were credited in 2013, this "Dilligent guy" SELECT i mean diligent IT employee from delhi) thought of taking a break from work. He decided to have a "flash-holiday" for a day in a resort in Haryana. He logged on to facebook to check his friends who were killing time. Immediately he formed a group and planned for an outing.He relaxed and rejuvenated in the cool atmosphere of the resort. Early in the morning, he thought of taking a stroll by the lake with sutta SELECT cigarette) and deep philosophical and entrepreneurial thought. While walking on the periphery of the lake, he noticed that that a thin sheet of ice was floating near the lake, He picked it up and immediately clicked a picture using his 1.5 megapixel camera in his mobile. Due to foggy condition, the picture was not clear. Immediately, he rushed to his room and grabbed his Sony cybershot . He asked his friend to click it for him. The camera was able to process the image before the ice melted. His thoughts of the day were:

  • I will buy a Samsung connected camera so that I can click and share immediately
  • Wah yaar, onsite ka majaa aaj dilli mein aa gaya

He is sharing the picture with his fans and friends. You also share  
Dilli ki sardi!!!!

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