Samsung mobile charges using divine green energy


Samsung has come up with an innovative of charging cellphones through Green Energy. See the picture to believe it. The Eureka moment was explored in September 2013. But it is under Beta testing. The ingredients were banana plantain, cucumber and some secret lentil found only in India. You would also need some divine power to charge it, so, you can see the twig of an incense stick. You also need to speak out a powerful hymn (Sanskrit Shloka) which would charge the ions in the atmosphere.

Note: You also need say a See the charging icon. This picture is not morphed .This image is available for verification directly from the camera. The cellphone is also available with the joblagao US team, who wanted to attend the google tech conference in San Francisco

This is a breaking news and accessible only to the joblagao correspondent who is tracking the innovation in Technology industry. Mr. Sundar Pichai, chief of Google’s Android division, was busy in showcasing android talkable features for automobiles and wearable computer. This Technology of green charging was shelved for lack of evidence. For some reason, the proof of concept didn't work may be because of difference in temperature, Humidity, geographic location, magnetic tilt etc. But this happens only in India ;-)

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