What Clients want


“What clients want”. Probably, that’s a more difficult question than “What women want” !!!! With experience, you know how to handle  women but even with a plethora of trainings ,you may get wrong in understanding what a client wants.  

Well, a picture is worth thousand words. The above picture depicts that you could be a tiger in the IT jungle, but still a client can ride on top of you .The picture is open for interpretation. You can imagine your client to be your favourite SELECT I mean repulsive) animal. This is how a dictionary describes a client  : ‘ someone who pays for the services of a professional person’. Nothing more is defined further. So the client chooses to define himself.Let me take help of the ten commandments that presents the unsaid thoughts of a client The Ten Commandments of a CLIENT:  

1. I am the Client thy God. I believe in I,Me and Myself. I think I am always right, a degree more than perfection. My company has outsourced our project to you, so you should be at my disposal as we have spent money on you.

2. Thou shalt not have any other god SELECT client) but me The holy client believes that he/she is the only one whom you are serving so you must treat your client with priority

3. Thou shalt not take the name of thy Project Manager in vain Your PMP training may have taught you to deliver within budget and scope. However, we are the client. Our budget is fixed but we can change the scope at will. Do not go after your Project Manager to save you from the extra work.

4. Thou shalt not make for yourself another client I, the client , am a jealous Client who will not tolerate your loyalty for any other client. We always want a dedicated resource although we pay for a shared resource

5.Thou must not misuse the budget of the Client We have budget to burn,so you also need to burn midnight oil to work uselessly on IT projects.This will help us  to showcase that we have utilized our budget. However, do not misuse our budget in ordering lunch/dinner  or conveyance when you work over weekends or stay longer in the office.

6. Remember not to observe the Sabbath day by keeping all days working You must be available on all days of the week including Saturdays and Sundays and other public holidays of your country.

7. Honour our partners and Vendors You must honour our partners and vendors as they generate our source of income whereas your IT team is a cost to us.

8. Thou must not leave bug in the code You must spend hours beyond the budget of the project to test the code.

9. Thou must not steal the code You can get inspired by the code from rival companies but you must showcase that is has the flavor of innovation and originality

10 . Thou must not covet for a better job like your neighbour You must continue to support us and not quit your job to join a competitor.

To conclude, I would say that you may give up your life for the client but he/she may not like the way you died!! 🙂


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