MNC vs START UP – What a Fresher should choose?



While choosing a job, it is very important to take the type of company into consideration. Factors like career growth, work-life balance, salary, facilities and job security differ from company to company. If a startup is compared to be a lion, focused, aggressive and fast, then an MNC is an elephant, slow but large and strong.

Each of them has its own pros and cons. It depends on what you want rather than trying to find a universal answer for which one is better.


MNCs should not be compared to Startups when it comes to the salary. Startups which aren’t funded well, pay lesser  but give a good amount of stocks options which may make you rich real fast if and when  the company goes public. Although funded startups may pay you well, MNCs are the best when it comes to high paying salaries because of the resources they possess.


Startups have a smaller budget and it expects you to do more with the lesser available facilities. You may miss the fancy work place what you have always dreamt for. On the other hand, MNCs have lot of money to throw around. They will offer you most of the facilities such as good cafeterias, recreation facilities and most importantly the latest technology just to help you.If foreign trips have been your dream, then an MNC might be the better choice.

Work-life Balance

If you are satisfied with nine to five jobs, then MNCs are the best places for it. You will always have ample amount of time for your family and friends.  However, if you like to handle challenges, a startup will offer tons of opportunity to prove your mettle. Never the less in an MNC the work per person is far lesser due to more work force. If a startup is the way for you, be prepared to burn the midnight oil.

Career Growth and Experience

With respect to career growth however, startups are always a better place to learn. The volume of work people do in three years will be done in a significantly shorter span of time. Although at the end your resume will show just two years, you will end up with more knowledge and experience. You will utilize all your time and energy doing some real work in startups and not waste them in office politics.


Startups might not provide you with global recognition but when it comes to appreciation and recognition for the work and talent, then you won’t be neglected. The startups value skills more than your degree and hence you get the options of better work even with average marks. The value of the people is more than the work in startups. Since startups have a far lesser workforce, it is a lot easier to be identified for your efforts and to be recognized for your contributions to the growth of the firm.

Job Security

While the afore mentioned points are certainly quite relevant, job security would be a person’s prime concern. The MNCs have a huge work force and generally tend to be more profit centric. For them an employee’s work experience and skills are the last thing to be worried about. As a result, no employee can truly guarantee their job in the MNC. In this situation Startups prove to be better as they know the value of a person’s skill, and you are secured at the place as long as you are giving your best. However, at the same time a Startup may fail and you might lose the job. MNCs are strong enough not to fail to the extent that they have to let go of their employees. When deciding on which company to work with, this is a critical factor that must be taken into consideration.

Both MNCs and Startups are well placed at their position. After five years, in MNCs even if you lack the skills, you will be well recognized in the market and may be playing with the big fish. On the other hand in startup you might be earning lesser than your friends, but you will be more skilled and self-sustained for any adverse situation.  You need to place your priorities and requirements in the scale and see which side it tips towards.


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