Beware! 4 Ways you are Sabotaging Your Own Job Search


Could you be ruining your own job search?

Despite the enforcement of employment laws several excellent job seekers get rejected on the basis of personal information that was never supposed to come to light. If we assume that the rules are being followed by the law abiding recruiters, then how do they get this information?

Clearly put – you give it to them.

Ironically, candidates dig their own grave by lending personal information about their lives – without being asked by anyone. Apart from being naïve, there are several other ways through which you could be sinking your own ship:

Attitude Problem: The job-hunting enterprise has no room for individuals who think they are above the law. Attitude problem anyone?

Kindly turn around, walk out the door, and stop wasting the recruiter’s time.

Badmouthing a Former Employer: It does not matter if your boss stole your lunch or compelled you to stay late one time too many. Do not be a tattle-tale as you’ll be the only one spreading negativity in the interview. Spilling the beans in front of a potential employer causes them to wonder why you stayed so long in the previous company despite the animosity. Moreover, you might bring a crappy attitude to the new workplace. There goes your chance of landing the job.

“NO” Comes Quicker than a Wink: Being a complete pessimist is not going to win you any laurels. If you want to be open to opportunities, then be open. Interact with people, apply to as many companies as you can, don’t shy away from sitting in an interview, and listen to the recruiter. You will be surprised at what might come your way if you start saying “yes” more often.

Are you too Cocky? Your confidence is at its peak. You think you are too qualified for the job position so acing the interview is going to be a piece of cake. Well, nobody likes this attitude. There is a fine line between being confident and a complete jerk. Leave your overblown ego outside and conduct yourself with humility in a job interview. Be someone you would want to work with, and not a person who is talked about at the water cooler.

Crawling to the Finish Line: The job hunting enterprise has no room for turtles. The slow and steady will probably be left behind. Let me elaborate:

Delaying Job Interviews: When you start looking for a job, it’s obvious that you will apply to several companies at once. Whether or not you want to convey this to your recruiter, is up to you. However, if you lie, and delay a job interview for another, it will definitely come back to haunt you. Best step forward – disclose the truth, be transparent, and never take a recruiter for a joy ride. From applying to a position on job sites to getting the final offer letter – the road is long and arduous. Better not waste more time.

Being Unaware of your Needs: Since you are looking for a job you are probably open to anything, right? So can you run errands for your boss, get him coffee, and take his kids to school? I’m sure not. Basically, you aren’t open to just about anything. Stop for a while, get some focus, and meticulously think about what you want to do and the kind of job positions you want to apply to.

Poor Communication Skills:Not following up after an interview, forgetting to thank the recruiter, and failing to comply with email ethics are some of the worst mistakes you could make. A failed first impression is hard to salvage.

Being Human? Nope. Being Stupid: Some mistakes are not unfortunate but born out of sheer stupidity. It’s wise to prep yourself beforehand to avoid some of the basic glitches.

Unrealistic Expectations: You have passed from a great college, have 6 months of internship experience, and are an academic gold medallist. This does not mean that you deserve a salary of 40 lacs per annum or are eligible for the post of a manager straight away. Raising the bar for yourself – without preamble – will never take you places. It’s a massive turn off for potential employers.

Ignoring networks: Never ignore networks if you want great recommendations. It will be harder to land a job if you’re not using your network. Since the onset of websites like LinkedIn, several companies prefer to hire a candidate internally. Having a solid contact base will increase your chances of being thought of when there is a vacancy.

Poor Presentation Skills: Last but not the least; you can ruin your chances of getting selected by dressing shabbily. Appearance plays an important role in establishing the first impression. Be it your resume, attire, or body language, one slip up and you might as well say goodbye to your dream job. Decoding verbal and non-verbal communication is of utmost importance here.

Grammatical mistakes in your resume, inappropriate pictures on professional networks, half-hearted body language, and a poor sense of style is sure to get you eliminated. If you are serious about getting the job, take time to proofread all materials and clean up your online presence.

In the end; avoid these mistakes for a smooth journey ahead!

All the best!


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