JobLagao Supports Net Neutrality, Have Free and Open Internet


Do you have any idea about Net Neutrality? Most of you must be thinking that this must be related to some sort of technical term, which does not require your attention.

What if you have to pay additional amount every month for the apps like whatsapp , skype, Facebook ,Google hangouts etc  and for all other apps on which you spend a most of your routine time. Now this would sound serious issue to you and you will be bothered and concerned about it.

This is what’s happening:

  • As of now you pay monthly tariff / Bill to your service providers based on the speed and the amount of data you use. This is the freedom of internet you have now. But this will not continue for long
  • Telecom operators in the India would be snatching this freedom from you. Recently they have approached the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), to be allowed to provide differential internet access to users all over the country. They plan to segregate internet into different sections and charge you according to the different plans you opt for. Which mean that there will be an increase in the amount require you pay for internet to access different websites and apps.
  • According to the Telecom operators they spend billions on building networks and infrastructures. Internet usage evolution in last few years has chocked their pipes more and more with massive amounts of data. Most of the internet services are provided for free, but all the data goes via the expensive infrastructure that the telecom operators have built. So, according to them it is fair that customers, whether for individual or commercial use, pay extra to use their offered services and networks.
  • Addition to this will be a plus factor for major players as the small operators who cannot afford preferential internet access, could fall by the wayside if net neutrality cannot be maintained. Major Companies will only be able to survive, as they can pay out more which cannot be the case with smaller companies.

Support Net Neutrality to have free and open internet:

  • We strongly believe that World Wide Web is for all, where everyone and anyone should be allowed to access everything they need, after paying the required amount. As an Job portal company, where internet plays a vital role, we are grateful for the countless reach and potential that internet has offered.                .
  • However, we do not disregard the end of net neutrality. We will not be supporting or signing up for preferential internet access. We do not want any users to pay extra to be able to access our app and website. We are, indisputably, in support of net neutrality.
  • Such reforms on net neutrality may significantly change the outlook of the internet. If you think that we are supporting the right movement and want to join us in keeping the digital highway open and running smoothly without any differentiation, we urge you to spend a few minutes in sending an e-mail to the organization that is going to be responsible for bringing about these reforms – TRAI.
  • You can support this with just two clicks. Please visit this link, and send an e-mail to TRAI, demanding a free, open internet:
  • It is also important to educate as many people as you can about this issue, and get them to join the movement. So, share this post via different mode and play a part in preserving your ability to do so!

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