Top 10 Skills Needed to Become an IT Professional


1) Big Data Analytics:

Big Data AnalyticsThere has been a recent boom in this sector that has been creating unprecedented number of companies and jobs. When the data never stops growing, people are needed who have skills in managing the same and performing computations and management using the same. It seems like the data will never stop growing and hence the requirement for the data analysts is expected to keep rising. This field is also known by the name ‘Business Intelligence’. It is based on the ability to derive smart business decisions based on data, facts and figures by applying appropriate coding skills and algorithms.


2) Mobile Applications and Device Management:

Mobile Applications and Device ManagementIt is well known that more and more people are shifting to smartphones and at this time, the role of an application developer for a phone is huge. It is an extremely powerful technical skills that empowers people to create something that is very much in demand these days. IT companies are always looking for such experts. While good website developers are easier to find, the availablity of good application developers for mobiles and tablets still fall short.



3) Help Desk and Technical Support:

Technical SupportBusinesses these days have to give first priotity to the customers and have an extensive support system for customer care otherwise they can not survive in the market. The people behid help desk and technical support are the ones who make this possible. From a long time, this business process for largely outsourced but a lot of companies are now moving towards having a completely in-house help and support team.



4) Networking:

NetworkingThe jobs in the networking sector are always on the rise in the IT domain as more and more shift is driven to the wireless domain, this sector becomes important. Therefore, a lot of graduates ensure that they take trainign in the networking sector and there are a lot of training centres which are providing expertise in the same as well as crash courses on networking. These include extensive knowldege of routing, packets tracing , firewall and optical networking.



5) Programming and Application Development:

Programming and Application DevelopmentThere is no doubt about the fact that programming and application development using any language of your expertise is necessary for an IT professsional. Companies are more focussed on development experiences and practical coding knowledge rather than theoretical one and that is the reason most companies keep regorous post-recruitment training programs during which they train and give interns coding assignments to increase their expertise in this field.



6) Project Management:

Project ManagementIT companies also require people that have a mix of business and technical acumen who can lead projects that will last for a span of few months at a strech. The project managers are usually the people who are good planners and who have a vision for the way things should be done. This is an important role as the success of an IT company depends on the success of these small or big projects. The project managers deal with all steps from ideation to development to final testing stage and also ensure that the targets are being met so that the project ends on time as scheduled.


7) Security:

SecurityWhen a very reputed company has a security breach that makes it to the headlines in newspapers, it instantly loses its reputation in the market and that is the reason, more and more companies are investing extensively on hiring security professionals. Whether it is an issue of keeping user’s the data safe or processing safe transactions, security and compliance governance is important.




8) Web Development:

Web DevelopmentThere are new websites launched over the web from all parts of the world every day. Even with the shift to mobiles, the important of websites remain. And now they are required to be more mobile effient and user-friendly. There are new challenges in developing the huge initiatives that the IT companies are planning and only a very nice skilled web developer can take it forward.




9) Database Management:

Database ManagementThis unit forms the base for big data analytics. Without organised data, there will be no data to perform massive computations on. It is an important role in IT field that will always stay. Knowing Excel and MySQL forms the basics of database management on which other expertises and database software knowledge is built.




10) Interpersonal Skills:

Interpersonal SkillsEven with all the technical skills and managerial skills, the interpersonal skills have their importance. The collaborative skills and communication skills reflect in everything. It determines one’s ability to work and perform in a group efficiently. Here, the communication skills largely refers to speaking the technical and business terms right. To know and to be able to communicate your knowledge is always an added advantage.

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