Top 10 Ways to Make a Job Post Go Viral


Can a Job post go viral??

The answer is YES.

The joblagao team received a request for an IT  services company to  promote a job on JDA skill set. The effect was viral. See it below to believe it. The traffic was mostly in the range of 1000 per day. On that fateful day, It increased to 4000.

These were the steps to make it viral:

1. Be a Numero Uno:  Be the first one to post a job. For example, when you come across a job in your team, it’s a good idea to post it on the web. Normally the internal process in a company will take time and when the company shares it with external vendors, the content gets stale and may not attract much traffic as most of the job consultants will be posting the same job. The whole game of content and search engine is based on genuine and premier content. So, be a pioneer in posting a job and help your company grow.

2. Choose the geography and promote it in that particular time zone. So if your Article is India-centric, then promote it in IST. If it is related to the IT Industry then also overlap with US time zone.

3. Choose the timing :  Most of the Indians flock to Social  networking sites between 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Normally  they come to office by 9:30-10:00, check their mails and do important stuff. Then they login to social media.

4. Choose your Audience: Always make sure you choose your target Audience. For example, if you are promoting a job in a services company, you can promote it in groups of other services company. There are plenty of groups on facebook and Linkedin. Although Linkedin restricts the number of group to be 50, I haven’t hit the limit on Facebook

5. Mobile is the Key:  As most of the people are keeping smart  phones. In India the travel time to office is usually long. On an average, people spend 45 minutes or more to commute to Office. In Delhi NCR region, they take the metro. In Bangalore, they prefer Office Bus/Shuttle service. As people are sitting idle for more than 45 minutes, they normally browse on their smart phones

6. Use Good Quality Infographics: A picture is not only worth thousand words, it is worth a thousand megabytes. An appealing picture is the key to reduce bounce rate. If you add a hint of humor to it, it will certainly catch the nerve. The image given below is not a good quality image. Try to avoid such images

7. Avoid special events Like a sport match: The theory of demand forecasting applies here too. A demand planner sees lot of outliers during special events. For example, the hits went down today because India was playing Australia in the semi Finals of the world cup. Most of the people were glued to the T.V. Their activity on social media decreased drastically. They were mostly sharing world cup updates and views on twitter and Facebook. But there was hardly any activity on other websites. Even the e-commerce websites have reported a significant drop in sales

8. Genuine Job post creates value and credibility:  You can fake once but not always. There are plenty of websites who post jobs for freshers and walkins which do not exist. They try it just to gain hits. Try to avoid such tricks as you may get hit once but the user will never come back to your website.

9. Add Face to your post and promote by real people:  Real people promote better than anyone else. Do not trust in boosting your post through Facebook. They might say that it reached 5000 people but you not get any hits.Have your employees and friends working in the same domain promote it. If they share in Google plus, the search advantage will be higher. Feel free to promote on FB. Research says that visibility is more on Facebook than Linkedin, even if it is a job post.

10. Go Organic: Write unique content and  relevant  keywords so that people come to your website by organic search and not only by Promotions and referrals. Your promotion and referral might work only during the period of promotion. But your job will be searched more often if you add unique contents which the user might be searching on.

To summarize, The job poster was satisfied with the number of response required. We specialize in niche skill hiring. If you have a requirement for niche area like JDA,SAP or Tibco, comment in this post. We will make the post viral so that you get good response from your post

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