First Day in The Company – How to Get The Best Out of it


This particular day arrives in everybody’s life when we are not able to rid ourselves from the built up tension. Yes! It is the first day of our job; a new beginning which will play a pivotal role in shaping our destiny. It is no surprise that one will be under a lot of stress and our mind will be grappling with lots of questions and issues related to making impression, being fully prepared, apprehension of something going wrong and lot of ifs and buts. There will be enough nervousness to lose one’s sleep in the night. But a sound sleep becomes very essential the night before to look fresh the next morning. Thus it becomes very necessary to prepare in advance.

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The joining day in most of the companies especially in IT industry is same. The first day event mainly comprises of joining formalities, meeting with project managers and reporting managers, presentation on the company and group lunch or tea in some companies. The joining formalities take a lot of paper work to be done. Hence, arranging all the documents must become the top priority.

As it is said, first impression is the last impression; joining day in the company becomes more important in creating a positive impression on colleagues and team members. Buying a good quality folder to carry all your documents is must for a good image. Get two copies of all the relevant documents to be submitted to the HR department along with minimum of six passport size coloured photographs. The documents must contain you educational certificates, offer letter or joining letter, medical certificate as required by the HR, Copies of ID proof, address proof and PAN card.  The ID and PAN The experienced hires must carry the joining and relieving letter from your previous companies. In case the reliving letter has not been given, the copy of resignation mail and mails of last working day can be used. In the absence of salary slip, as many small companies do not provide the same, copy of bank transaction can be used. One will have to fill forms for PF, gratuity and insurance. Some companies provide insurance for parents and in-laws at a nominal charge. It must be decided in advance if one wants to avail such facility. Decision must also be taken in advance regarding naming your nominee in the several forms. Married people usually make their spouse the nominee and bachelor can make either father or mother the nominee. Deciding in advance prevents any confusion at the time of filling the form resulting in error free form submission. People with work experience should have decided on their previous PF account. They can either close the account and apply for withdrawal of the PF amount or get the account transferred.

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Grooming is the next step in getting ready. It is necessary for the fresher to understand that casual dresses worn at college will not work in the company. One must buy formal dress and shoes for the big day. Personal grooming is very important if one wants to create a good image in the company. Do not wear new or uncomfortable clothes or you must have tried your new clothes for their comfort level and fitting. Remember that you have to spend you whole day there and you cannot go back and get a change of dress in case of any discomfort. Wear something that makes you feel great. Get a proper haircut, cut your nails and keep your hands clean as you will be shaking hands with lots of people. Keep a clean handkerchief ready if you have sweaty palms and wear mild deodorant. Do not opt for perfumes and very strong smelling deodorants. The same applies to the girls who must wear formal suits or sari and avoid heavy makeup. The need for formal dress can only be ignored if the company allows casual on all working days and there are very few companies who do that. Most of the companies allow casual dressing on Friday but there will be restriction on overtly casual dress. One can consider Friday dressing to be semi formal where one can wear denim with plain T-shirts which must have collar. Companies do not allow round neck T-shirts with graphic images, logos and quotations.


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