How to beat Monday morning blues?


It has been found out in a research that most of the suicides are likely to occur on Monday than any other day and it is least on the weekends. It has also been found that most of the sick leaves are taken on Monday in any organization. Hence, this should not come as a surprise to term the dreadful and depressing feeling of going to office on Monday morning as Monday blues. It is one of the dreaded cultural phenomenons.

You get up on a Monday morning and the feelings of anxiety and depression sets in making your mood go sluggish and tensed. You do not find yourself at your best and any motivation to reach office is just absent. You wish for your weekend to continue forever and that Monday should just vanish out of your calendar. Although, these feelings subsides and finishes by the coming days but they are at its peak on Monday. The same cycle gets repeated week after week. You reach office and you hate your present condition, your job and you simply feel like quitting your job forever. Lack of any motivation to do any task reflects on your work. Your performance is at its lowest level and can put your job at stake.

Although it is a very common problem faced by most of the working people, it should not be taken lightly for it may have serious repercussion in future. Many people just try to get used to this situation and carry on with their work life. But, if the situation is badly affecting your work, it must be looked into it seriously. There are various ways to overcome this situation.

The major reason for the maximum people undergoing Monday blues is the shift in the attitude and lifestyle over the weekend. People get stuck in the holiday mood and are unable to come back to the working week momentum. One will need to maintain discipline in their life and adopt some of the time management habits to get rid of the Monday blues. Getting organized is the keyword for its solution. However, if the depressing mood is affecting the office work and resulting in negative impact on performance and productivity then try to find out the reason for such depressive mood. Our reluctance to go to the office and not enjoying the work place is an indication that something is not right at work. Try figuring out the problem. It can be series of meeting or deadlines that you hate to attend the first thing on the Monday morning. Either you are not enjoying your work due to problematic boss or colleague. It is also possible that you are not getting enough opportunities to showcase your talent and skills. If you are in the right job and enjoying your work then try solving small office issue and get on with life. They are bound to keep repeating in any corporate job. If you do not find your job very interesting then try finding a job of your interest and liking. Frustration is bound to happen when you are not able to use your skills and talent.

Preparing for Monday on a Friday is one way of not getting stressed on Monday morning. Try finishing the toughest part of the job on Friday itself. It will leave your Monday with very lighter workload. If your job requires you to have meetings on Monday then try getting them scheduled on the second half when much of the stress and depression has gone. Organizing your Monday schedules on Friday will also help. At home you can do all the preparation of the Monday morning a day before. Try getting adequate sleep and wake up early with fresh mind. This will leave you ample time for activities to rejuvenate yourself. You can either go for a jog or hit the gym and listen to mood enhancing songs before leaving for work. A cold water shower will help in leaving behind the feeling of lethargy. A good breakfast is also must for a good mood. Try wearing your best dress on Monday in which you feel at your best. Wearing bright colours will keep your energy level high. Getting out in then sunlight also helps to enhance one’s mood. Do not start your day with checking your mails on the breakfast table. Leave the task for the later part of the day in the office unless it is very urgent. Start your day with positive thoughts.

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Start your day in the office on a positive note and begin with taking care of small tasks first. It takes time to settle on your work desk. Try reconnecting with your colleagues in the pantry or water cooler with little gossip to have a happy mood. Start working instead of thinking about it to gain the momentum required to keep up working.  Make sure that you do not indulge in complaining about other people or listening to other people’s complain and grumpiness. Try making your Monday special by making someone happy. Have fun at work and make post work plan. It will keep you in a good mood in the anticipation of fun and enjoyment after office hours. Have a mentor in the office to share your problems and issue in the office.

Spread your fun activities and personal interest and hobbies throughout the week instead of only focusing on the office work. Else it will lead to stress and tension. Use your week days to make plans for the weekend. Make a list of things that you are excited about. It will leave you with ample time for complete enjoyment over the weekend and not merely on planning. To have an active and productive week in the office, unplugging over the weekend is must. One must draw a clear boundary between work and personal time. Do not let office work to affect your personal life.

Always remember that you are not alone who undergoes Monday blues.

Remember the old saying:
Grant me the patience to accept the things I cannot change…
… the courage to change the things I can…
… and the wisdom to know the difference.



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