10 Sure Shot Ways to Get a Job


Job Hunting” is itself a challenge and time consuming.  The candidates should consider themselves lucky who easily get a job as soon as they start hunting. For the few unlucky ones, it destroys their confidence if they are rejected for a longer period of time. However, now days there are several techniques  to find a job. The only approach which can help you is to stay focused and be enthusiastic.

These are the top 10 Sure Shot Ways to get a Job

1. Employee referral:

Most of the IT companies send employee referral emails to advertise various positions internally. The employee of the company have the option to refer their relative, close friends or college seniors who have the matching skill set. Usually you get an invitation from them to apply for a position in their company where they are working and actually without searching a job. Employers are offered incentives for successful referral in their company. Basically this incentive may be in a form of vouchers, trips or direct referral amount. This is a trusted method where most of the companies adopt because of their employer already working in their firms successfully. It’s a bonus opportunity for both , the job applicant as well as the referrer.

2. Social Media:

This is a fastest way for finding out the job opportunity in this century.  LinkedIn Facebook and twitter are the major tools of social media. These tools play a magician’s role for searching anything in this world even if it is a job.  This is a place where we build social connections with each other across the world. LinkedIn is professional website where companies actually promote their walk-ins, and even their own reputation. The companies are taking support of social media to advertise their vacancies. People easily land their foot in the doors of company for the opportunity. It is advisable to have a better and good connection; who really have knowledge of providing support for your career. Joining professional associate group and , alumni or company profile group will help you in your career aspiration.

3. News Paper:

Many jobs are advertized on Newspapers. Mostly, companies publish their vacancies in Newspaper for branding. Following up the job openings article on newspaper is another way. You may not be able to find an experienced IT job in through the newspaper but it will definitely help in the walkin. Every day you can find multiple jobs in the classifieds section. You can find entry and Web designing jobs in the Classifieds section. For jobs in IT companies, Schools, Jobs in Dubai can be seen in the Times Ascent Section on Wednesday.

4. Walk-In:

Walk-ins are conducted for bulk hiring. This helps freshers who are not placed from the campus. Walk-ins are also conducted for generic skill set like Java, C++ etc. If you aren’t placed out of campus, and then things get bit harder for all. Cent % jobs openings are ever advertised through Walk in announcements in social media sites, newspaper and referral openings. Most probably companies allot walk-ins for the purpose to hire fresher. Keeping an eye on openings for walk – in interviews can help in a better way for instant placement.

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5. Consultancy:

Consultancy is the backbone for job seekers in this time of century. Many firms choose recruitment agencies for hiring up the office staff, because of 1st round screening of the candidates. In the growing competition of job hunting, these agencies gave an internal contacts and tie-ups from many companies for hiring a best talent in every slot required by the company. Candidates select these agencies for fast placement, career guidance and large reputed working firms. Recruitment agencies basically provide the budget resource for the company tied up. The benefits provided by these agencies are:

  • Permanent staffing
  • Contract job.
  • Walk-Ins and executive search etc.

6. Reference:

Having a good contact or reference is the other way for hired up for a good position. Create a separate list of your contacts and reference of your seniors who have agreed to speak with you regarding as an employer’s support and for your own candidacy. Having a three to four reference, who has already a senior position should be considered 1st in your list, but be sure you always present yourself as strongest as others whom might he have already to refer in his own list.

7. Startup Events:

This is a new avenue to hire premier talent. You exchange business cards and network with other entrepreneurs. Recently, TechSparks was organized in Bangalore. They organized a hiring corner. The Co-founders of the startup had a one-to one conversation with experienced people trying to take a second stint with other startups

8. Campus placement/Internship:

Internship is a great opportunity for testing a company, whether you would like to continue for a full time work or not. It’s a time where you get things to learn and get some good experience than waiting for completion of graduation. Firstly use internship as an opportunity to build network with seniors, leaders and fellow interns. These are the actual contacts that can provide you reference, recommend job and alert about the opening positions of several companies. Campus Placement is the easiest way to get a job for a fresher. Prepare well for that through the Campus placement papers .The companies provide a better package with a good designation in campus.

9. Contract/freelancing:

Basically employees here are hired on basis of new project requirement. Freelancing and contract work refers to independent worker. You are your own boss. You’re paid more than other employees for period of time. But coming to reality it’s not a full time job or you’re not having a job security, for a longer time. You will not be enjoying the benefits of employee, there’s always a risk of salary payment. Choosing freelancing, contract or full time job depends on you and your life time goals. For a shorter period it may help you to gain experience, but cannot help you for life time. Suggestion would be to choose freelancing and contract but try turning that into a full time. What matters is your own satisfaction. If work is challenging and the projects are advancing your career then go for it.

10. Job Portals:

Internet and Job Portals have made hiring 24/7. Multiple companies choose to post their requirements on many job portals for instant reply and resumes from candidates. Job portals have wider reach for employees as well as employers. Job Portals serve as a hub where the Companies post their advertisement and Candidates apply for the same. Most of the recruiters have access to the resume database. The key to get a job from a job portal is to be active. Apply for various jobs so that the recruiter notices you.

To summarize, there are many ways to get a Sure Shot Job if you choose the right channel

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