10 Unprofessional Activities that can ruin your career


Our career is like our heritage! We can`t afford its destruction!! It’s importance It’s indispensable!!!

For all of us, our career is so important that we can`t describe it into words. We work so hard night and day, to built our career. But it just needs one mistake and your entire career gets a break-down.  Be it a film star, an average working employee or a low wage earner watch man; A spot on the career goes against in everyone`s case. No body wants to ruin his/her career himself/herself. But, knowingly or unknowingly, something happens …. .which destroys your career. Sometimes, we take things for granted; and do not respect what we are having. When we overlook things and show negligence, then it leads to destruction.

Let`s have a deep insight look on different ways that can ruin or destroy your precious career.

1. Unofficial behavior:

No matter from which college or back ground you are coming. You have to behave very professionally while you are in a corporate world. Crossing the boundary of corporate behavior is strictly prohibited everywhere. Prevention is always better than cure. So, don`t wait for someone to come and warn you. Be careful yourself while treating your colleague as friend. Don`t let people make personal remarks on you due to your non eco-friendly activities. You can`t have fun all the time everywhere. Passing comments on your seniors or your colleagues at personal level is not permissible. Even though if you get into argument with any one. Don`t go beyond professional level.

2. Stop Doing Work:

In case, if you are not happy with your working climate. If you have issues regarding your payment or project. Then, You keep on waiting for the management to first accept your terms. Then, only you will start giving your 100%. But, it will affect your career rather than your company`s career. Your company`s career is already very bright. So, you have to think for your career. Whatever would be the reason; you should not show your negligence towards work. Don`t stop working making unprecedented excuses. Always try to be professional and gives your best. So, that even your demands could get acceptance soon.

3. Don`t turn – up for meetings:

You are coming at work by 9 a.m. but don`t turn – up for the meeting if it`s at 8 a.m. It is again very mean of some people. You should take your meeting requests seriously as well. Most of the time people don`t attend meetings making lame excuses “Oh shit! I really forgot about today`s meeting!” Most of the time when people get meeting request. They intentionally don`t respond to it. They neither accept nor reject. In outlook, there is an option to accept, reject or change the time. But, some people don`t click on any of these.

4. Work From Home:

If work from home is available. I think, every body would opt for that. People ask for work from home making lame excuses like my pet is not so well, my maid is not coming. Without any adequate reason, asking for work from home is not a wise decision. Even though, if you got work from home; most of the time, you are unavailable. What`s the point here. You got your sofa cum bed now still you are not taking the pain to be online.

5. Taking things lightly:

If you are not so serious with your work, even your work is not going to take you seriously. Suppose, the manager is asking you for your status; you are asking his/her status instead. Whether he/she is single or not. What does it show? It means that you are used to take things in a light manner. You don`t bother to take undue pressure or burden of work. Do work at your own ease. This type of behavior is not in the respect of your own future. Your seriousness towards your work must be evident.

6. Spend more time in grooming:

Grooming is good for one`s personality but it`s should be from all aspect. If you are spending more time in grooming yourself physically rather than technically. Then, it doesn`t sounds good! For an instance, most of the female employees are found to be in washrooms for long hours, working on their hair styles and make-ups. While the male are found in gyms working on their physique. Nobody is going to tell you for this but there should be some self-consciousness in you. After all, it`s not your school time.

7. Attending all unimportant programs:

Yes, this is true! We always show our keen interest in attending all not so important events and programs like Yoga class, Zumba class, etc. Suppose any cultural event is going on, then also we just stop our work and spend hours there. Even though if it`s of some other`s project. After taking lunch, people are mostly found in musical classes or salsa class. The timing of salsa class is 5:00 pm to 5:30 p.m. In such cases, people just come once to log out from their desktop and leave straight away.

8. Instead of 3 meals break, Take 5:

It happens most of the time when guys and girls working together just want to spend some time. They often take little breaks for doing “charcha at chai”!!! When people are fond of near by restaurants, or, if they are foodie by nature, they give themselves 5 meals break instead of three and add-on benefit as 6 cigaretted breaks. Even though, if they don`t like smoking, they go for giving company to their friends.

9. Fall unwell 10 times a month:

When your boss will check his/her inbox. He/she would find it full of your messages. “Hey, I am not feeling well; I can`t come today.”; “Sorry, I can`t be available tomorrow.”; “Hi, I am getting fever and headache, can`t come today.” – it has become so convenient option , just to text a short message to your head and chill. No need to give any proper reason. Who is going to come and check? But, this type of attitude is not acceptable for a long term. So, beware!

10. Take maximum benefit of all types of leave:

Be it a sick eave or casual leave. Your plan is to utilize all the types of leave granted in a year. Unfortunately, you cannot take maternity/paternity leave every year!!! Never forget to ask for your comp-offs even if you came on weekend for few hours. Got food poisoning so many times that your manager says “ Yaar iska pet to humesha  kharab hi rehta hai.” Even the manger fills up the reason for you as he knows what reason you are going to give.

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