7 Things which the Interviewer is searching in you


A college environment is completely different from work environment. The culture at both the places is on contrary to each other. Being an open – hearted person at college, you would have never thought of the life in a corporate. Once, you finish your golden days of college, you have to prepare yourself to get enter in to the platinum age of your life. An age where you are not mature enough but you have to behave as a mature and responsible human being. There are certain transformations which you have to bring in yourself. It`s the time to get transformed man. It`s so because, the interviewers or we can say, the professionals are looking for certain changes in you. Now, let`s find out what are they and here we go:

1. Grooming:

As we all know, first impression is the last impression. Your first impression is built-up with the way you have dressed. You might have attended your MBA classes in dress code which are coat and pant. But, now if you are going to attend your interview in suits, it will look awkward. Your interviewer is in formal shirt and you are sitting in body fit business suit. It doesn`t make sense dear. No matter, how many top brands you have in your wardrobe, you must not try to show off it at the time of interview. You will get many more opportunities to do that friend. Either you are a male or a female, you must not do corporate level dress-up at the time of your interview. Be formal and decent. Follow the common norms. Don`t put-on unnecessary accessories making yourself peculiar. Girls, do not forget to tie your hair if it`s long. Better, not to wear rings, anklets, dazzling ear rings, etc. Be subtle in your make-up as well. Not to use concealer, mascara, eye-shadows or fake eye lashes. Remember, you are the best when you are natural. You can also refer to our other article- CODES OF DRESSING.”

2. Communication Skill:

Your first screening is done on telephone itself. When you get a call for an interview. You must have noticed, they ask to tell something about you. It is to check your basic speaking abilities. Whether you are able to express yourself in a gentle manner or not. So, communication is the second most important thing which the interviewers are looking in you. In fact, everyone along with the interviewer. You might be having so much of knowledge popping inside you. You are able to write it on black and white. But, now, it`s the time to speak-up. You are no more a college student now! There`s no one to check your answers now. You must know how to express yourself and that too effectively. If you are good at speaking. You can manage to convince your interviewer that you are perfect match for his requirement. When you are speaking, don`t speak very fast. Take usual commas and pauses. Don`t speak in one breathe. Normally, a person can easily hear 100-200 wpm. Don`t cross that limit. You can also refer to our other article- Communication and You.”

3. Roles and Responsibilities:

You must be aware of your roles and responsibilities. Your questions must be in that context, not beyond of that. You are expected to take care of your assigned roles and responsibilities. As you are not in a college now where you bunk the classes if you have not completed your assignment. It is a corporate life and you have to behave as a responsible person. Every time your seniors will not come to you and ask whether you have done this or not. They will simply drop one mail escalating the issue keeping others in cc. So, you have to be very careful about it. Be serious when it comes to work. You should it find yourself what are the responsibilities you have to look after. Your roles and responsibilities can be known from your resume. While your period of training in companies, you must have got certain roles. The interviewer can ask you about that. He/she can easily get the idea how serious you are when it comes to work.

4. Integrity:

Integrity is a personal quality of fairness. Every one wants to see integrity in you. Whatever tasks have been assigned to you. Do it honestly. If you have committed any sort of error while doing. Then, accept your mistakes. Don`t try to hide your mistakes. Be transparent. Remember, we all do error but those who learn from it become genius. Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It`s a personality trait that everyone admires. Now, as you are working in a company. What ever you do has a direct impact on the reputation of your company. If you commit an error and even after rectifying, you are not correcting it. Then it`s ruining the company`s reputation in front of the client.

5. Meeting the Time Line:

Earlier, it was your parents, who use to say – “Be on time.” Then, it was your college exams; where you have to complete your answer sheet on time. And now last but not the least it`s your boss. Who wants you to finish the work on time. Time and tide waits for none. You must know, justice delayed is justice denied. Time is important every where. So, value time and always try to meet the dead line. If you are not able to accomplish the time line, next time, you won`t be getting the important work from your boss. It`s not just about you; there is a huge channel working across. So, if you are delaying, there is many more getting suffered. So, better to take it seriously and start meeting your time line. Let the process go smoothly.

6. Respect for the Individual:

Respect is something which we all want to have. Either it`s watch man or your sub ordinate, every one has the urge to get some sort of respect from you. Remember, if you want to get respect; first give respect. In your school days, you must have read about Newton`s third law of motion. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Today, suppose if you are scolding your staff for a simple mistake rudely. Next time, when you are getting scold from your boss, he would not be saving you although he knew where the file is. How humble and gentle you are with others. The others will act accordingly. So, either it`s a bottom level worker or a middle level junior or a top level manager. Always, try to be down to earth and kind hearted. Your respect for the individual will determine your altitude.

7. Cultural Adaptability:

We are in the era of globalization now. Globalization is everywhere. So, we have to open our mind and our heart as well to act globally. When we are in an organization, we come across a wide variety of people, coming from different regions and practicing different religions. There is one thing common in them. We all belong to the same group named as “Homo Sapiens.” It means we all are human beings. We all have some feelings inside. If some one is speaking slowly or not so efficient in English language, then, instead of making fun. Try to listen patiently. No one is perfect in this dramatic world. We all have our own pros and cons. Remember, while you are pointing other, your rest of the fingers are pointing towards you.

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