Can Your Strength and Weakness Give You a Better Job?


These are the most common interview question in the HR discussion round:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?

Note that you should highlight your strength but try to showcase your weakness in such a way that only 30% looks like a weakness and 70% should look like strength. You should be able to portray your weakness such that it reflects some positive outcome.

Strengths and weaknesses often create excitement and sometimes it is hard to handle during the transformation of college to corporate life. Both the words implement the biggest meaning of growth and improvement.

Accept failure not because your weak, But to stand stronger for a longer period. Showing and sharing your weakness and strength is unsafe, so be sharp whenever you act on this in front of an interviewer. Deliver your strength and weakness in such a way that they look like mirror image to each other. We should strive to create a climate where we can balance and honor our strengths and weaknesses.

Few of the strengths and weaknesses are given below:


You can mention these strengths in the interview. Always give an example to showcase why it it your strength.

  1. Good Decision: You can never get strong until you have a good quality of choosing the right objective. Make sure whenever you make a choice or a decision it makes you (Success). Your past mistakes will always help always to make a right decision; either it may be related job, project or past interview.
  2. Clarity: Explain yourself as such that they find clear about your thoughts, plans, creativity and goals. Working on your strengths and weaknesses just raises yourself and aware so that it gives them clarity about your passion work and courage.
  3. Personal values: Most important weapon to be used during your interview would be personal values. It can completely impress your interviewer and makes his work easy to hire you. Personal value includes Self-Motivated, Self-Confidence, Professionalism, Hard work.
  4. Focused: Focus approaches differently during the interview. Instead of coming with a list of actions to start doing the new things which you’re already good at, try to come out of your comfort and spell your ideas and visions. This can be your best strength for which ever things you do.
  5. Confidence & comfortable life: You must give a good start to come over your strengths and weaknesses and balance that against what you enjoy and work on. Be Confident with the life and work your living around. Expect success believe in your capabilities, as long as you grow its never late for a new beginning. Get easy while to speak, don’t share your personal issue just to get a job to earn money.


These are some of the weakness. Always give an explanation or example on why can this be treated as an strength to the organization. Your personal trait can help to grow the organization.

  1. Greedy: Act greed to commence success for both company and for you. Don’t always ask what’s in for me?? Get greedy towards you target and new invention which can benefit you as well as the company status. Always keep yourself greedy for Growth, Development, Diversification, and Excellence & Recognition.
  2. Impatient: Frustration with other employees who is performing slow or to a lower standard then expects you. So you don’t accept mistakes easily and give up soon. Chase your goals as fast as you can. You treat patience as your enemy.
  3. Strict: This kind of strict attitude is power made by you. Obey your work passion and demand for more success. Have a natural leadership quality in you. Being strict means you can get the work done on time.
  4. Fearful: If you are fearful, it means that you are afraid to take risks. This can be translated to taking up calculates risks. Try to explain it clearly to the interviewer.
  5. Bossy: keep your translations simple. The words which are used should sound bearable. Don’t always ask others also to follow same plan which you have planned, because all are experts in their own way of work. Bossy orders can spoil your image including creating irritations among team. At the same time, it means that you can get the work done.

Remember, when you talk about your strengths, give 2-3 strengths. When you are talking about your weaknesses, give only one weakness. Always give example from your professional or college life on how you overcame your weakness.

To conclude, I would say “Let your weakness augment your strengths in a positive way

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