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In our society, most of the people send their kids to private and English medium school, but when it comes to college than every parent want that their children can clear different entrance exams to get a government college because it is more reputed than private. But the real tussle starts after the college. There is a continuing struggle for survival in contemporary time. Everyone wants respected and reputed job. Some students start their preparation for civil services and government job, And some grabs the opportunities in the private sector. There are always conflicts regarding the job in private and public sector. Which one is better, where we should go and which one is more reliable ? Most of the people favor the government sector as it is the most secure one and less hectic. Specially in case of girls, as we know, every parent wants their daughter should get a government job because they think that if there is less burden of work on her than she can handle both her family as well as her job. But some enthusiastic and energetic young females are in favour of the private sector, because there are more chances to showcase your talent to the world in private sectors than govt. ones. So let’s talk about some pros and cons of both sectors; private and public.

Security of Job:

As we know, government jobs are more stable than the private jobs and the government jobs are permanent. No one can fire the employees, until unless he/she is not involved in any fraud or corruption. But in the private sector the availability of job is based on the economy of corporate industry. If there is a fall in the revenue output of any company or the company incurs loss than either employees gets fired or their salary suffers a downward slope. Instead a government employer cuts down the jobs only when there is any serious economic problem.

Reservation System:

All of us are aware of the quota system in the government sector. We face it in every field, from education to professional level, if we are applying in the government sector. The person who is not so intelligent, skilled and knowledgeable, but yet he/she gets at a higher position than you which makes you feel bad. Instead in the private sector, there is No reservation, selection is purely merit based and based on a person’s ability, qualification and potential. If anyone doesn’t match the profile for which they had applied,then there is no place for them. This is also the basic and very crucial difference in both sectors.

Career Growth:

In the government sector the main issue is the career growth of the employees. Growth is very slow in the government sector. But in the private sector, there is a lot of opportunities for the employees who are very hard and working. Companies will give incentives and promotions to their employees as per their performance. The people who are honest and intelligent, they should go for the private job. Because there is a value of your work and you can gain respect and appreciation as well as money through your work. But in government sector people sometimes to use illegal ways.

The people who are honest and intelligent, they should go for the private job. Because there is a value of your work and you can gain respect as well as money through your work. But in government sector people use illegal ways.

Age Limit:

We all know that there is an age limit in the public sector. After a certain age you cannot apply for a government job. Even the retirement age is also fixed for the government sector. But in the private sector, there is no age limit. Anyone at any age can do work in the private sector if the people have that potential .


The employees of the private sector have a more hectic schedule than the government employees. If the private companies pay higher scale salary and bonus to their people than they also suck all their energy out from them. But in government job there is not that much strictness and thus you get flexible working hours and more time for your family.


Nowadays the fact of competition one keeps in mind. Because, as we know there is very tough competition in the private sector. So the jobs are very challenging. And if you are not able to meet the deadline and not doing your work with efficiency than there is no place for you in private company. But in government sector jobs are not so tough and challenging. The job is very relaxing in government sector. And most important is that no one is bothered about the deadline. And as the employees are permanent, so they are not much concern about the work.

Some Other Differences

Some other differences are, the selection procedure in both sectors. In government people at higher position prefer to select their relatives or the person who offers them bribe. But in the private sector, it is totally based upon your potential. And if we talk about the benefits of leaves than it is true that the no of leaves are more in government than private. But in the private sector, there is a well organized system of doing everything, so there is a work culture and if any employee face the problem, then he/she can go to higher authorities. But in government there is no system, not any culture and not any organized system. Also You get lot to explore in private sector jobs, opportunities are vast there, and you work with different age group on same idea. In private sector you get to work on cutting edge technology and thus you don’t lag behind. Than the other difference is Pay commissions. Pay commissions are not applicable for Private jobs, you get paid for what you do, and get appraisal and bonuses only if you perform well. But for govt. employees there are Pay commissions which is applicable on specified periods and gets increased with every next Pay commission’s announcement, no matter that employee is working enough to get those perks or not.

No doubt, there are a lots of differences in both sectors. But one should apply for the job, where the people can justify their talent and hard work and most importantly where they feel satisfied.

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