Interview Questions in Amazon for Testing


Amazon is conducting interview in Chennai and Bangalore for testing professionals.

Send resume to, if you are interested to apply.

These were the questions asked in Amazon, Chennai recently
1. Write a program for copying the string to another location and avoid the duplicates

EG: “abc” = “abc”

2. Write a test case for the call log in the mobile phone.

3. What should be your testing approach and trouble shooting tips for a Development unit testing

4.While compressing  a file using what all the problem we face using winZib.

5. Write a program for n(n+1)-1

eg : n=3 …. 1+3+6+18 ….

6. write a test data for the 5.1 nearest to 6

Eg: 5.341 =5.3
5.10 = 5.1

7. There were several questions on various testing methodology like black box, white box testing

8. Some questions were asked around defect management like TDCE ( Total Defect Containment Effectiveness) 

9. Some questions were around multiple iteration approach (various cycle)

10.Many questions were asked around scripting and automation and the usage of different tools like QC, Selenium, bugzilla etc.


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