Last Day Email Subject Line


When you are planning to write the last day email to your colleagues, the subject line is also important so that your colleagues do not miss it. You can use the following subject lines which are very common

  • ADIEU  : This is the most commonly used subject line. Almost 30% of the people write this subject line. Everyone will understand that this is your last day in the company
  • Last Day in <Insert Company Name> : Almost 40% of the IT tech force use this subject line

The above percentage is calculated by mining over 500 emails sent in various IT companies in India. The rest 30% use various subject line like

  • Thank you
  • As I bid adieu
  • Time to Say Good Bye
  • Au revoir
  • Keep in touch


Last Day email Sample

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Sample 1: Last Day email when you are planning to pursue higher studies

Subject: As I move on..

I got an opportunity to pursue my higher studies in management because of which I will have to part ways with the team and the company. Though my stay here was much shorter than I would have liked, it was quite extraordinary and quite a learning experience. I would like to thank all the folks for cooperating and supporting me. I would also like to thank in particular Sashi and Monika for letting me harbor and eventually even encourage me to pursue such tough decision. I wish you all good luck in your future endeavors and hope to cross paths with you again.

For folks who haven’t got tired of me (yet) and want to keep in touch, my contact details are as follows:

Read more: Last day email Sample

Sample 2: Last Day email if you started your career in this company

Subject: Last Day in JDA

Today is my last day at JDA. I’m moving on to the next step of my career. So it’s time to say goodbye and share a few words of gratitude. During my tenure in JDA, the exposure to technology here has tremendously increased my knowledge and the work culture has made me an IT professional, I so confidently feel today. A big thank you to the Management for all the cooperation and assistance rendered. Extra thanks to my reporting manager Ashish Jain for providing me the opportunity to deliver training. I’m glad at last, I got to do what I always wanted to in JDA.

Thank you very much Niranjan, Mohan, Murali and Umesh and for your patience and knowledge shared. Thank you everyone in the Americas ABPP dev team too. I always got the help I needed for my calls and pre sales. I owe my understanding of JDA products to each of you. When I was a fresher and joined my first company, the trainer told me “Your colleagues are not your friends”. I’d like to go back and tell her how mistaken she was in saying so. Because, no matter how competitive the corporate world is, you always find like-minded, trustworthy & genuine friends at work place.

For me at JDA, it’s my gang of Supriyo,Saurabh, Adi, Suresh et al. Thank you guys for the good times shared. I’m going to miss our trekking trips and weekend hangouts. Good luck to all the Managed Service folks ! I’ve had the chance to get acquainted with all of you. Do realize how fortunate you are to kick-start your career at JDA. So strive to learn as much as you can. Lastly, it’s been great working with the Pre Sales India team. The team lunch at my place, offsite and parties were fun times. I bid adieu and wish each and every one of you the very best in your future endeavors! God bless.



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