The Art of Leaving Your Job


“Art” is the way of doing things in a right manner. We all lives our life but there is an art of living your life. Similarly, we all know how to write with the help of pen and paper. Yet, some one gets extra marks for good hand writing. It`s so because they know the art of writing. We must know the art to express ourselves either through dancing, singing or even writing. Like all the other things, there is an art of leaving! Where you must know how to quit your job. What are the things required while switching your job. Are you abounding by the circumstances or you are creating it yourself. What are the pros and cons?

Go through the following points and then, you can analyze yourself. Is it the right time to quit your job or not?

Happiness must be there

Leave your job only once you are happy to do that.

  • Before taking this big decision, you should evaluate all the options. Changing the job should not stress you. Suppose, you are working in H.P. which is at electronic city of Bangalore and living at the same place as well. Now, you have to travel to white field as your new office is there. It will increase your travel expenses which includes your petrol expenditure. Along with this, it`s going to increase your travel stress. Earlier, you don`t need to spend two hours in traffic while reaching home. But, now you have to face all this.

Changes must not be noticed in your personality

Don`t express your happiness via changes in your behavior.

  • When you are leaving your job, don`t see yourself on the cloud nine. It`s often seen, people behave like a hero this time. They don`t talk properly or obey their manager. Be a lesser mortal! No matter, how is your relation with your current boss and colleagues. You should behave like a decent man while leaving your job. Remember, it`s a small world. You never know when you are going to meet the same persons again. Don`t try to ruin the bridge of relationship.

Transition all your roles and responsibilities

You must help your team and management in building up your substitute.

  • You might be managing many operational things which even your manager does not know how to be done. Like building your team`s spirit. Scheduling one to one meetings amidst your team. Bringing-up the team`s motivation. They cannot be in black and white. So, you must make your manager aware of these things. Or else, you must give proper training to the one who is going to substitute you.

Adieu E-mail

You should say a warm goodbye to your friends and manager.

  • Write a nice last day e-mail and send it to your colleagues and manager. This is the last impression which you are going to leave back. Last impression is also as important as first. You can also refer to our other article Last Day E-mail for the sample of last day e-mails and tips on how to write last day e-mail in a better way. Apart from the e-mail, after getting a heart-throbbing farewell. You are expected to deliver a speech saying a warm goodbye to everyone. You should share your good memories and learning at this time.

Write a convincing resignation e-mail

Your resignation e-mail must be convincing enough for your manager to get approved.

  • You should give fair reasons in your resignation letter/e-mail. The reasons must be discussed earlier with your manager. So, that if possible he could have retain you on your terms and conditions. You must give a proper time limit before resigning. So, that your roles and responsibilities must be learnt by some one else. You can refer to our other article Resignation e-mailfor knowing better how to write an efficient resignation letter/e-mail. You must state the proper reasons, why you want to resign.

Now, as we are talking about art of leaving! So, first of all, you should sit quietly. Take a deep breathe. Close your eyes. Be calm. There must be peace in surrounding. While, inner peace is much more important. Ask yourself:

  1. 5 Reasons why you want to leave this job.
  2. 5 Reasons why you should not leave this job.

You can judge yourself- “How Happy You Are Now & How Happy You Would Be After Leaving this Job?”

5 Reasons why you want to leave this job might be like these:-

  • You are not getting expected increments in your salary. Your grade is not increasing as your band is remaining same.
  • You are not happy with the prevailing work environment over there. Work culture is not satisfying you.
  • You are screwed up by your boss. You are feeling as if a squeezed lemon. Your boss is trying to get maximum out of you in minimum input.
  • You are not happy with your project/ project manager. You are not being placed in the project of your choice. Your project manager attitude is not acceptable for you.
  • You are not getting on-shore projects. Your peers are enjoying so much on-shore while you are not getting any such opportunity in near future.

5 Reasons why you should not leave this job might be like these:

  • You are ok with your roles and responsibilities here. As you are doing it so long. You are able to discharge your duties pretty well here.
  • It took so long to get yourself adjust here. And, now finally you have adapted the present work place some how.
  • You can get your leaves sanctioned as per your wish. Being here, you can go home in the coming Durga puja as well. As you are quite sure about getting your leaves sanctioned; you have booked tickets already at cheaper rates.
  • You can come and leave the office at flexible timings. As you are working here from long. Now, your daily timings are not being noticed or recorded by anyone. It`s ok if you come late and leave early some days.
  • You have your own group of dear friends here. All are known and friends here. You use to party together, share lunch and hang out outside office. Don`t know, whether in the next company you would be able to get such good friends or not?

If the number of reasons for leaving your present job is more than that of staying back. Then, it`s high to switch over your job.

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