Things to Take Care of on Your Last day in The office


Last day in the company is always full of mixed emotions. On one hand there is an excitement as only a day is left for charting out a new course in your life – excitement of meeting new people, working in a new company and the new environment, new plans etc; on the other hand the heart is heavy as one will have to bid goodbye to their existing friends, colleagues and other office staff with whom emotional connect has developed over a longer duration. Although employees are required to be professional in their work life it is not easy to keep emotions at bay. They tend to get emotionally attached to the company and its people.

Since the mind is already full of mixed emotions, there is high chance of forgetting few things which are supposed to be completed before leaving the company. If any of the mandatory formality gets stuck, it will create unnecessary problem to the employee as well as for the company. Hence, it is necessary for the exiting employee to make a list of task to be completed on the last day.

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The last day must start with tying up all the loose ends of the various tasks to be completed and must be ensured that most of the work gets completed and submitted before lunch. It will lift most of the heavy load in the beginning of the day leaving rest of the day for lighter work and engaging with the colleagues.

A checklist created in advance regarding the official formalities and paperwork required to be completed should be revisited. Most of the paperwork and necessary approvals are sent to the respective departments a week ahead for timely completion. So, on the last day the employee just needs to check if any formality is left and should be taken care of immediately.


Spend time in collecting the necessary documents and emails which you will need in future or in your next company such as recognition mails, relieving mail, salary slips, service letter etc. However, in most of the companies, the necessary documents pertaining to your time spent in the company is sent via mail after few weeks of leaving the company. The employee is sent only the relieving mail on this day. Share all the necessary documents related your projects and work to either your boss or team leader. Upload the necessary documents in the company’s portal if required. It would not be a bad idea to collect work samples for your next job if the company permits the same.

Spend time in collecting the contacts of your colleagues, superiors and also heads of various departments as they can always come in handy in future and also to remain in touch with them. Get in touch with your vendors and let them know your position that this is your last day in the company and send them mails regarding your future contact.

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Clean your desk of all your belongings and see that you do not leave anything behind. Empty your locker and submit the keys to the facility department. If the company has issued laptop for working, the same must also be submitted to the concerned department and get all the necessary clearance.

Try to spend time with most of your colleagues and thank them for all the support you received from them during the course of your tenure in the company.

As the time closes in, get your exit interview scheduled with your HR manager. Do not let this interview to become an occasion to vent out your repressed feelings regarding the company, your boss and other people in the company. This is not the time to let out your grudges but to mend your relationship with the company if you had any bitter experience. Keep yourself calm and provide positive feedback for the company and your team. Never forget to thank the HR for taking out time for you.

Submission of your ID should be the last thing before leaving the office. Make sure that you have collected all of your belongings and completed all the formalities before submitting your ID as you will not be allowed to enter the office premise after that due to security issues.

Most probably, the team members organize a farewell party to the employee. Make sure that you enjoy every moment with your colleagues, thank them and you can also take your close pals for dinner after the office hours if not all the people in your team. The last day in the company is worth celebrating for all the experience, good or bad, which helped you achieve your current position and enabled you to take up the next challenge in your new company. 

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