Campus Placement Interview Experience of Mobius knowledge services



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3 to 4 LPA


  1. Written Test
  2. Technical interview
  3. HR Round

Round 1) Written Round: 1 hr

  • There were 60 questions in 60 min questions
  • Aptitude sections consist of  time work questions , logical based questions .
  • I did 50 question correctly so i got selected for the next round .
  • The questions were easy so you have to be very fast

Round 2) Technical Interview (30 Mins)

  • Firstly he asked tell me about yourself which is not mentioned in your resume.
  • Then he asked me explain me about your project . My project was marketing based i explained him fully what was my role in the project.
  • Then he asked me some technical questions . Questions was related to the basic loop concept.
  • Then he asked what are different storage class in C? I answered him automatic, static and allocated.
  • Then he asked me to explain what is Hashing?

My Technical interview was good . So after my technical interview i was waiting for the result . when the result was announced i was selected for the final round HR Round

Round 3) HR Round

  • In Hr round also he asked me to  introduce yourself?
  • Why we should hire you?
  • What are your future dream?
  • Why do you want to join Mobius?

About the Company:

Mobius is a leading provider of Data services. We are pioneers in extracting publicly available information and processing it to actionable business knowledge for global companies. Mobius has been providing complete back-office services for data and content intensive industries, such as Information Providers, Media, e-Commerce, Financial Services and Real Estate.

We use contemporary technologies and tools coupled with human expertise while providing services to our customers. Mobius solutions assures high-level of accuracy, faster time-to-market, and reduced costs by leveraging its offshore facilities and global best practices. We have expertise in over 33 global languages and work with leading corporations across geographies.

Our impressive list of customers include the top 4 largest information providers, top 3 comparison shopping engines, top brick and mortar retail stores, top 2 largest financial information providers and so on. Sources


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