Informatica Campus Placement Process and Interview Experience


Job Details:

Criteria: 6.5 CGPA

Designation: Software Developer

Round 1: Online Objective (30 Min)

It contains 30 MCQ with no negative. There are multiple choice questions from all the area like of C /C++ DS, Apti, DBMS, OS.

After this they have selected 26 students from approx. 120 students

Round2: Online Subjective (45 min)

This Round contains 3 sub section (Total 17 questions)

  1. Write down the output of c/c++ Programs (without explanations) .
  2. Write down the output of c/c++ Programs (explanations).
  3. Write down the code.
    1. Inorder Successor of any give node when there is a pointer to its pointer (Algo +code).
    2. A array is rotated several time, find out the point where it is rotated & print maximum if rotated point is given.

After this round they have selected 7 students from 26 selected.

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Round 3: Technical Round 1:(F2F) ( 40 min)

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What is Data and Data Structure?
  3. What are Data Structure and File Structure?
  4. Suppose there is a pointer to head and a pointer to deleted node is given, delete the node.
  5. Same question as 2 but if there is only one pointer is given (which to be delete).
  6. What is Virtualization?
  7. Oops Concepts.

Round 4: Technical Round 2: (F2F)( 50 Min)

This round is totally depends upon Data Structure.

  1. Connect All Node of a Given Tree(Level Order)

He wants a paper code with all the boundary cases.

  1. Suppose you are having a word file with millions of strings which may be repeated several times. You have to find Top k word which is most number of times repeated.

We have discussed on this question about 20 minutes .i said that I can use STL map, Tire data structure. In between he gave me hints, so I tried to solve but can’t find efficient solutions

  1. Then he asked me that how an operating system actually do multithreading.
  2. Discussion of Merge.
  3. What is Critical Section?

Round 5: Technical Round 3: (F2F) (50 Min)

It was supposed to my first round but panel is not free so I have to wait. This round is basically depends upon the question of online Subjective.

  1. Write the code for Round2->3->b question and explain all the conditions with exploitation
  2. Write the code for Round2->3->a question and explain all the conditions with exploitation
  3. He asked some SQL query (Difficult).
  4. Tree Traversal (All).
  5. Project Detail Discussion with queries.

Round 5: HR Round 3: (F2F)( 25 Min).

  1. Tell me about yourself and family background.
  2. Tell me your strength and weakness.
  3. What you learn from being a team member.
  4. How was your Previous rounds
  5. Then he said Ask question if you want any questions.

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