Volante Technologies – Campus Placement Interview Experience


Placement Details:

Pay Package: 5.5 LPA

Place of posting: Chennai


  1. Written Test
  2. Java programming round
  3. HR Round

Round 1) Written Test, Time: 1hr:

  • The Written test consist of general aptitude and technical questions
  • There were 40 aptitude questions were there and 10 logical questions
  • 30 questions were based on java and oops concept.

Round 2) Java Programming, Time: 2(1/2)hrs:


1. Programmers  should use java eclipse and the library given alongwith.
2. Save the code in individual folder and sent to the contact person in Volante.

Download the attached sample file of the Dictionary to attempt this question.

dictionary.txt (Download here) 

The above file contains a list of words in the English language (all lowercase), with each word in a separate line. Assume that this file is available in the directory from which your program is run. Solve the problems given and fill up your answers in the answer sheet.

  • Use class/package name exactly as specified and bundle your source files and the class files in a Jar (volante-eval.jar) and submit it. Include a readme.txt file in the jar that contains your personal details (Name, Phone, Email, and Institution).
  • Each of the classes mentioned below should have a main method which can be executed with appropriate command line arguments.
  • For each problem, fill up the corresponding row in the answer sheet (result table) with the output you produce by executing the program.
  • Evaluation would be based the output as well as the implementation and design
  1. Palindrome – Create a class (class: volante.eval.Palindrome) that prepares a list of all the words that are palindromes in the English dictionary. Order the words based on their length, with longest words first, and then based on alphabetical order. Print the first three words in the list, with each line in the output containing a word.Palindrome(meaning): A word, which reads the same backward and forward. For example, “mom” is a palindrome.

Marks:  10 Marks

  1. Make Words – Create a class (class: volante.eval.MakeWord) that takes a set of characters as command line argument(as a string) and prepares a list of all words in the dictionary that can be created using those characters. Each character in the input can be used just once; the input itself may contain duplicate characters in which case, it can be used as many times.However, not all characters in the input need to be used.Order the words based on their length, with longest words first, and then based on alphabetical order (ascending). Print the first three words in the list, with each line in the output containing a word.

    As a test case, use “aeioudgst” as the input for this program and prepare the list of top three words.

Marks:  15 Marks

  1. Anagram – Create a class (class: volante.eval.Anagram) that prepares a list of anagram pairs in the dictionary. Within the pair, sort the two words in alphabetical order with the first word appearing lexically before the second.Order the anagram pairs based on their length, with longest words appearing first, and then based on alphabetical order of first word in anagram pair. Print the first three anagram pairs in the list, with each line containing a pair of words separated by comma.

    Anagram(meaning): A word that you obtain by rearranging the letters of another word. All the letters in the original word appear in the anagram exactly as many times as they appear in the original word. For example, “silent” is an anagram of “listen” and “verse” is an anagram for “serve”.

Marks: 25 Marks

Round 3) Hr Round:

Basic Hr questions were asked.

  • Do you have plan for Higher studies
  • Are you willing to relocate to Chennai
  • Give an instance where you have worked as a team in your college


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Address :

Volante India (Chennai):
Volante Software Private Limited
Robert V Chandran Tower
6th Floor, No.149
Velachery – Tambaram Main Road
Pallikaranai, Chennai – 600 100


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