Wipro GMT Campus Placement Process 2015



6.5 CGPA or 65% with no active backlog.

Branches: ECE and TCE


5LPA ctc + 1 lakh bonus at the end of the year.


  • Written Test
  • Technical interview
  • HR Round

Round 1) Written Round: Aptitude 50 min + 30 min Technical

This round comprised of 45 question split in two sections. The first section consisted of 20 questions on English that focused on checking the basic English skills, clearing this round required basic English skills.

Ex: Choose the odd one out: a) Fair b) Just c) Levy d) favorable
Ans: Levy Explanation: Levy means forcing something, whereas other words refer to fair choices.

The second section consisted of 25 analytical questions, clearing this round required mathematical skills and quick calculations. Another factor that would be helpful in this section is good observational skills which would help in find relation between numbers.

Ex: what is the next number in the series: 196,1,169,2,_,3,121
Ans: 144 Explanation: every alternate number in the series is square of numbers in decreasing order.


This round consisted of 30 questions related to basic electronics and communication. Clearing this needed basic knowledge of all the subjects of the ECE department.

Ex: What is the maximum efficiency of class B amplifier: a)88.5% b)78.25% c)92.5% d)98.25%
Ans: 78.25%

Round 2) Technical Interview

This round was held on the next day of the online test. All the students were given their interview details like the chamber number and the order and had to wait for their turns. Once the interview began. There were questions based on the resume.The Resume was the main focus of the interview. The mini project done were the center of questioning as they reflected the interest. The questions on the mini project included everything from getting the idea to the execution, roles of each team member in the project. Apart from the project the questions were based on the OSI model of the internet, basic telecom networks, etc. Basic of analog and digital communication were involved in the interview.

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Round 3) HR Round

The HR round held on the same day as the technical interview. The questions in the HR round was based on the normal day to day life. The first like in many other rounds was “what’s your name?”, these questions are meant to make you comfortable around the HR. Following that the question on family background and other things was asked. Then came the important questions like, “Why should we hire you?” and “Why Wipro?”. These questions are meant to see the clarity in the plans and also to see the determination to work in the company.

About the company

Wipro Limited (Western India Products Limited) is an Indian multinational IT Consulting and System Integration services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. As of july 2015, the company has more than 158,200 employees servicing over 900 of the Fortune 1000 corporations with a presence in 67 countries. On 31 March 2015, its market capitalization was approximately $ 35 Billion, making it one of India’s largest publicly traded companies and seventh largest IT Services firm in the World.

Website: http://www.wipro.com/

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