10 College Projects for Computer Science Students


10 College Projects for Computer Science Students

A successful project during the final year of student’s education is important. Students are graded to their creativity and get an opportunity to raise their standard of degree in there certificates.

Why pupils should do college project?

  1. Well there are few good reasons and advantages below:
  2. Self-confidence increases.
  3. Develops communication skills both in verbal as well as written.
  4. Helps to responsible.
  5. Makes to learn new thinks.
  6. Networking bond gets stronger by communicating with each other
  7. It can discover new things.
  8. Works on management (price, place, product, promotion)
  9. Helps to grade our resume higher.
  10. Creates a chance to be noticed by all

Few Topics and Ideas:

1. Broad Band Billing System:

Broadband Billing System is an application to store customer usage details and provide user and administrator interfaces. The project automatically stores the connection details when a user try to connect   to internet.

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2. NITT Transport Management System: (PHP, MySQL Database):

The project, NITT Transport Management System is aimed at digitizing the existing pen & paper working method of our institute’s Transport section. The application allows the administrator to add the details of the existing and new vehicles alike. The application can be developed using PHP, with MySQL Database as the backend store.

3. Campaigner:

Campaigner will be a website. It is being developed for the campaigns through email and sms on behalf of company to their customers. Technology/Platform:

4. Job Portal:

Job portal is a website designed as a platform for job seekers to find the suitable job and for companies to select the right candidate. Technology/Platform: Java

5. Hostel Feedback System (Java):

Language: JAVA

This project stores the feedback given by students. And according to given feedback it shows output rating for available facilities.

6. Laboratory Management System (C++):

Language: C++

This project maintains the records of a Computer lab. Keep records of no of computer, software the installed into the systems.

7. Hotel Management System:

Language: C

This project was to maintain the customer information, room availability, bookings. It calculates total amount incurred by customer based on check-in and check-out time.

8. Restaurant:

Description: The Restaurant booking platform provides customized apps for online reservation. Foods, categories, promotion orders can easily be added or managed on the website backend. Customer can connect 24/7 with website frontend or their smart phone or tablet devices for ordering. Restaurant food ordering is easily customizable to accommodate your specific needs.

Developed and maintaining that project in Java, J2EE, MySQL, Oracle database.

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9. Automatic Caption Generation For News & Images:

Technology: Java, JSP, spring, Oracle, Java Script

Description: Automatic generation of caption is mostly used in our real world life. Because more and more news televisions can show the news image with the help of caption generation. According to that everybody can see the news images with their correct information. In internet we have lots of images, some images had caption for that and some more correlated with the documents of the images. Automatic image annotation provides means for users to search image collections on the semantic level using natural language queries.  Efficient access to image databases requires the ability to search and organize images effectively. While images could be retrieved based on their features such as color, texture, it is usually more natural and desirable for users to search image databases using textual queries.

10. GEOA(GE Online Apply):

Technology: Java, JSP, Servlets, Oracle, Java Script.

Description: GEOA is an Online Application for the GE Customers to apply for a Private Level Credit Card (PLCC) to get loans from the GE Bank.

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