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Every college assigns projects in various semester for students evaluation and transformation of his technical knowledge to practical approach. If student plan to develop any project, he has take help from same projects and analyze it and then proceed.

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*** You can download the project documentation from Electronic Voting Machine Doc

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  • Data Flow Diagrams (DFD)
  • Gantt chart
  • System Design

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About the Initiative

As Election is the buzzword in 2014, so lot of colleges are giving assignments related to electronic voting machine demo. With Mr. Narendra Modi sharing the limelight, some MBA colleges are having role-play parliament session, organizing debates etc. The B.Tech and BCA colleges in India are giving assignment on Electronic Voting Machine 2014 . Some are giving assignment on iphone and android development.We are presenting a project on EVM, written in C++

About the EVM Project

 EVM project is written by NIIT'ians. This is written in C++ This project manages the details related to the candidate and voter and simulates the voting process. It implements the various object oriented features.

Sample Code Structure


//This class control all the functions related to voter



class VOTER



         void ADD_VOTER(void);

         void VOTER_INFORMATION(void);

         void VOTER_LIST(void);

         void ISSUE_VOTING_CARD(void);

         void RESET_STATUS(void);

         void DELETE_VOTER(void);

         void ELECTION(void);

         void VOTE_CALCULATION(void);

         void CALCULATE(char[]);


         int DELETE_RECORD(char[]);

         char voterno[6],name[26],address[36];

         int status,cardstatus;



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plz send the code asap

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please send it fast.

Anjusha answered| Oct 24, 2015

Navnath Belote answered| Oct 7, 2015


Please can you arrange python code for Electronic Voting Machine or can you please guide me how to convert the C++ code to python code.

Dhyro answered| Oct 6, 2015

i cant run in dev c++ 5.11. is there a problem?

Dhyro answered| Oct 5, 2015 please send thanks

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Stephen Archibald answered| May 26, 2015

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Can you please send the code here ---

Anandita Misra answered| Apr 14, 2015

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Ankit Sharma answered| Apr 14, 2015

Ankit Sharma answered| Apr 14, 2015

Job Lagao answered| Apr 14, 2015

Sent the code to all who posted their email id below. See the C++ code for Hotel Management

Sriram Chowdary Gaddipati answered| Apr 14, 2015 c++ program on polled votes and unpolled votes state wise,district and constituency wise,gender wise.please send the code 

Vaishnavi Siddamurthi answered| Apr 14, 2015

chweetyvai|, c++ program on polled votes and unpolled votes state wise,district and constituency wise,gender wise.please send the code.

Job Lagao answered| Apr 14, 2015

Just now, I sent the zipped file to everyone who posted the comments.

Surya Vamsi answered| Apr 14, 2015,please send me the code

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Can u please send me the entire code at

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Simran Singh Sohal answered| Apr 8, 2015

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Job Lagao answered| Feb 26, 2015

Sent it to Ankit,Shubham and Nijamul. Let me know if you guys received it and if you faced any challenges in running the code. Also See AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM

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Sam Jav answered| Dec 11, 2014 plzz i need your code i will be thankful to u

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Surya Vamsi answered| Oct 14, 2014,c++ program on polled votes and unpolled votes state wise,district and constituency wise,gender wise.please send the code 

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Job Lagao answered| May 26, 2014

Abhinav, we have sent the CPP file on gmail but we were not able to send the executable as google had blocked the attachment. I will find out other ways to sent it.

Job Lagao answered| May 23, 2014

OK. We will do it

Deepti Nirwani answered| May 21, 2014

Hi Joblagao Team, I would suggest improvement on the documentation