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Every college assigns projects in various semester for students evaluation and transformation of his technical knowledge to practical approach. If student plan to develop any project, he has take help from same projects and analyze it and then proceed.

The Joblagao team is committed to all students by providing good project sample and code provided by NIT’ians to improve programming skills and make queries in our TechForum.

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Note : We are sharing the raw content. You will need to format, rephrase some of the contents depending on your requirement .The above attached document has the following contents

  • Data Flow Diagrams (DFD)
  • Gantt chart
  • System Design

And many more details…

About the Initiative

As Election is the buzzword in 2014, so lot of colleges are giving assignments related to electronic voting machine demo. With Mr. Narendra Modi sharing the limelight, some MBA colleges are having role-play parliament session, organizing debates etc. The B.Tech and BCA colleges in India are giving assignment on Electronic Voting Machine 2014 . Some are giving assignment on iphone and android development.We are presenting a project on EVM, written in C++

About the EVM Project

EVM project is written by NIIT’ians. This is written in C++ This project manages the details related to the candidate and voter and simulates the voting process. It implements the various object oriented features.

Sample Code Structure


//This class control all the functions related to voter



class VOTER



void ADD_VOTER(void);


void VOTER_LIST(void);


void RESET_STATUS(void);

void DELETE_VOTER(void);

void ELECTION(void);


void CALCULATE(char[]);


int DELETE_RECORD(char[]);

char voterno[6],name[26],address[36];

int status,cardstatus;



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