Deloitte Tax India Pvt. Ltd. -Campus Placement Interview Experience


It is an interview for a position for tax consultant.


B.Com and M.B.A in Finance


Tax Consultant

Offered Package:

Around 4.5 lakhs/annum

Number of Rounds:


Candidates Appeared:


Candidates Selected:


A number of questions were asked by HR. Some of the questions were to examine the technical knowledge of the candidate.

1st Round Written:

Firstly, three written test are conducted having question of logical and reasoning, mathematics and verbal.

2nd Round Technical:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Questions related to  accounting
  • Asked about finance

3rd Round HR Round:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • General questions about finance, basics should be clear.

4th Round interview with senior manager

  • Tel me about yourself
  • Create a hypothetical situation to examine the behavioural power of candidate.
  • General questions about finance, basics should be clear.

Finally, the selected candidate had given the job at Hyderabad.

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