Microsoft Campus Recruitment Process and Tips


Who are Eligible

Criteria: CGPA 7.00 and open for (CS, IT) and MCA

Salary Offer

10 lakh for IT profile and 15 lakh for IDC profile.

How to Prepare

I got the information from my seniors how to prepare for Microsoft interview they gave me suggestions and I followed those tips.

I focused mainly on data structure and algorithms. Those subjects were very helpful for me in Interview. Except this I prepared basics of OS,DBMS and networking concepts. I like to suggest you – if you want to join big software MNC then you should prepare technical part very well and practice for coding as much as possible.

Round 1: ONLINE TEST (15 Questions)

  • Time: 30 Minutes
  • Objective questions mainly based on C, C++, Java , OS.
  • Aptitude and technical test was taken by Cocubes.

Round 2: CODING (2 Questions), Time: 60 Minutes

  • You are given an array like {2, 6 ,5 , 4 ,2 ,6 ,5 ,9 ,1}.In this array three numbers occurrence is even. So find those numbers and order of the numbers should be maintain.
  • Linked list 1. 3->6->5->2->1->3
    Linked list 2. 1->9->2->7->3->8

You have to add these two linked list and create one single linked list.

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Round 3: Group fly (1 Question), Time: 20 minutes

  • You have to write a Pseudo code and algorithm to reverse a string word by word.

Example – Microsoft is a software company.
Answer – company software a is Microsoft.

Round 4: Technical, Time – 1 hours

  • Detailed discussion about my project.
  • All C++ concepts which I used in my project and how did you implemented that.
  • Then he gave me string and said me to find first non-repeating character from the string.

Example – sfhjsdh
Answer – f

Round 5: Technical Round, Time: 75 minutes

  • He asked me one math Puzzle.
  • He asked me some questions based on object oriented programming and concepts like virtual function,overloading etc.
  • Some networking questions related to TCP.
  • He asked to create useful data structure in real time. Then asked how to reverse the linked list by Iterative method.

Round 6: HR Round

  • He asked me whatever I mentioned in my resume.
  • Why do you want to join Microsoft.
  • Some general questions.


  • Don’t hesitate ask question from interviewer if you have any doubt about question. They will give you hints if you are trying to solve the problem.
  • And Try to give optimized answer . They will also focus on projects which you did in your college, so I want to suggest you that plzz have at least one project completed by you on some topic. If you are going for Interview. Prepare well for the project done by you so that you can covey the meaning of doing it easily

“All The Best For Candidates Who are going to appear Microsoft Campus Placement 2015”

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