TCS Campus Placement Process & Interview Experience


Wow! It`s an interview call

The happiness that time, knew no bounds. Whether it`s you or it`s me. Interview call brings that same BIG smile on our face. Isn`t it? YES!!! We all go through several interviews in our life. Interview gives us an opportunity to get inside the company gate at least which is yet another wonderful experience for us. As we would have been seeing that company from outside since long ago. Now, due to the interview process, we are finally in.

“Tata Consultancy Services” which is also known as TCS is one of the leading Indian companies in today`s corporate sector. This was the first company where I successfully cleared all rounds. There are few most important things which you must have; to get an interview call Any relative or friend who is working over there. They will let you know about the internal recruitment.hey will be the one signing on your buddy referral form; which is an essential document you need to carry.

You need to be in contact of some good consultancies.

  • Many times, only consultancies get the contract to fill in the open positions.
  • Walk-ins are yet another option.

Like many others, I was one of the employable candidates, searching for my dream job. The search ends up when I came to know about “Open Positions for MBA fresher in TCS.” It was a family friend whose reference I got. The queue was as long as it could be as it was for all sectors; be it marketing or finance or HR. People from different states arrived over there. The first thing they ask you while accepting your resume and buddy referral form is that – “How many years gap are there in your academic session?” If it`s more than two, you are rejected at the very first step. Those who managed to get in from there. Gets the chance to appear for first round

1. Aptitude Test:

In this aptitude test, you get an objective set of questions. Questions given are generally based on reasoning, data-analytics, reading comprehension, computer knowledge and general knowledge. You can answer them well with the help of presence of mind and little bit calculations. It is a just a revision of your mental ability. You don`t need to go back; turning up pages of your college notes. It`s nothing related to your academic classes. You don`t need to bother much.

2. Group Discussion:

There is a group of selected candidates, who have cleared the aptitude test well. They sit in a discussion room, around a discussion table. There is a mentor as well. The mentor briefs you about the package and selection procedure little bit. After that either you have to speak on any given topic or you can select a topic on your own. You get 5 minutes time to jot down your points before speaking. It is basically a demonstration of your speaking abilities in front of a group of people. You can be counter questioned too. You need to grab the attention of the group while speaking. You must not use wave your hands while speaking. Either you can be in favor or against of the topic and not both; try to keep your views and points clearly.

3. Typing Test:

You must remember, in your school age, you use to play a game on computer known as typing mistake. There use to be a paragraph and you have to type the same. The same is here. You get a paragraph written. You have to read and type the same on the computer screen with the help of keyboard. Things to be noticed here is your typing speed, i.e., words per minute (WPM) and your accuracy level. As this is the third round. Definitely it`s important. As you type the first two sentences, your test would be over. You don`t need to type the whole paragraph.

4. HR- Round:

This is like a personal round. Here, you meet a human resource representative of the company. They asks you personal questions like from where came to know about the positions open? Your family related questions, verifying your background. Your future related questions, for knowing how long you are going to stay in the company if selected. Remember, they don`t want to invest on training process on such a candidate who is likely to move shortly. So, better be cautious and answer smartly. Think before you speak.

5. Managerial Round:

This is the fifth and the last round of your interview. Here, the probability is more to get selected and vice-versa. There must be a senior-most manager taking your interview. They will try their level best to check your confidence level and motivation too. You need to be confident and determined about getting in this job showing your dedication. They will try to deviate your mind by telling about their strict timings, work culture, shifts where you have to work opposite to nature but if you are at your best then no one can deviate your mind. So, give your best and hope for the best.

About Company :

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) service, consulting and business solutions companyheadquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. TCS operates in 46 countries.It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India.


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