Top 10 Business Ideas for Working Parents


There comes a time in our life when we have to choose amidst “Family” and “Job”. Juggling a personal life and professional is no easy feat – especially if you are a PARENT. No doubt, We give priority to our family but at the same time, we want to showcase our hidden talent.

Top 10 Business Ideas for Working Parents

The good news is, there are plenty of high – earning jobs which also offers great flexibility, making them ideal for anybody who wants to support their family and still be able to spend time with their kids. You are living in the era, where you don`t have to wait for the opportunity. You can create it yourself. Here it comes how.

Confectionary & Baking:

Confectionary & Baking

Baking is like a challenge for many of us, those who accept it as a hobby, can grow their business with it. There are so many baking courses, tips and tricks, which help you in becoming a perfectionist. You can start with small scale business at home by offering cakes, biscuits, cookies, home- made organic chocolates, candies, tarts, pies, there are a numerous options. All you need is : hands on baking, a supply channel, a network of people and a great enthusiasm, of course.

Food Business:

Food Business

There are so many start-ups who target breakfast for the working people, or offers food at night till 3:00 am. Targeting on weekends is a quiet intelligent idea, by offering brunch in a box. You can deliver food to those who party late nights, it mostly happens on weekends or you can offer lunch to those who live alone at home, taking care of kid all day. You can start with your residential area first. You can get good attractions through FB by posting your pics and getting likes and thus getting popularity day by day. The Key Point is: You have to meet the hyper Local Challenge. The Key to success is to first build a good reputation in a local area and then make a small group of like minded people and grow your network.

Freelancing jobs:

Freelancing jobs

You can start working as a freelancer in the  U.S. or Europe time zone whose ideal time of working is 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM, which is a good time for us  because till 2 O`clock, you can have your lunch and get over with house-hold activities, After 10 O`clock, you can easily have dinner and sleep. This will not disrupt your family needs In India. You can easily improve your skills, and of course you can make money side by side.

Retail Selling:

Retail Selling

The key point for this business is – “Cater to something which is not easily available at our door- step but people want to go for it.” You can book club house of your apartment and outsource apparels from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Rajasthan or Lucknow as their hand – made works are world famous. There are lot of manufacturers who make imitation of the designer clothing worn by celebrities.  You can also hire a designer of your own who can imitate the sari or suit which Madhuri Dixit was wearing on a reality show and make it available on low budget. All you need is : A good logistic channel, Find out the place where you can get it cheap.

Graphics Designer Job:

Graphics Designer Job

Knowledge of computer can open many doors for you. Graphics designing is one of them if you are having experience on designing websites, portfolios, brochures, envelopes, cover, pages, mobile apps then you can start with it at your ease from your home. Once you make your site people will start connecting with you and you do not have to put any capital in this.

HR-Consultancy Jobs:

HR-Consultancy Jobs

The work of an HR includes activities like co-ordination, recruitment, selection etc. With the help of telephone and internet, all these works can be performed from home itself. So, you can join any consultancy or any small firms as a part time HR and work at your ease. To make it a success, you have to build your network. If you can place some candidates, then your personal brand value spreads by word of mouth.To start with, you can target some niche skill like JDA.

Blog Writing:

Blog Writing

Blog writing is one of the biggest platforms for all those who are good at writing. You can start giving your contribution to blog depending on your choice the type of blog you want to choose and accordingly the topics. It is a like a content writer kind of thing. You can write your articles and share it on blogs. The more people would read your article and like, the more you can make money. There are plenty of groups on Linkedin as well as Facebook where you can look for some work. To excel in this, you should first write in one particular domain like electronic gadgets or HR article. Once you master that area, then you will get more offers in the similar domain.

Event Management:

Event Management

You don’t need to do an event management course to start this. All you need is a good network of people who could execute it efficiently. For example, to organize a birthday party- You need to be in touch with a decorator, a caterer, a game planner, a gift or stationary store, a cake shop et.. So, once you are in contact these kinds of people, you can easily take order from your client and serve to their needs the help of people in your network. Reliable connection,Timely execution and delivering high quality is the key to success in this field

Food Blogger:

Food Blogger

Food blogger are booming in every region nowadays. Food is like an indispensable part of our life. We can all cooks for our family, trying and testing new recipes. All you need to do is just share your recipes by clicking their pictures and their method of preparation step by step. You also add how healthy it is for your family and especially kids. It will not only help many but at the same time, you can get popularity through the medium af your daily cooked food. Apart from this, you can also post your reviews and comments about various restaurants, local food corners, food joints which will help people in choosing the suitable place to visit. Lot of restaurants are paying food blogger to write review for them on websites like zomato.

Online Tutoring:

Online Tutoring

Nowadays everything is online. You can start giving online tutoring in many fields like dancing, singing, playing instruments, cooking, painting, beauty care, How to care of kids for new moms, you can also share your college notes online to help your juniors, giving fitness training. It makes you available to people at remote areas and you can make them learn the things by sitting at your home in just a click. You can serve to a mass of people at a time which may not be possible otherwise. Apart from this, you can also upload your video on YouTube, so that people can download it and practice it at home easily. Some online tutoring websites are also budding.

To Summarize, there are many ways keep yourself busy even if you are not doing a full time work. Got more creative ideas ?

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